I Exhaust My Husband. He Loves Me Anyway.

Although it’s beautiful, the snow is making me weary. Day after day I shower and put on some sweatpants (I’m not going anywhere really…except to shovel the steps, maybe), a sweatshirt and a hat. I don’t bother doing my hair (putting product in it or trying to style it) because I just wear a knit hat most of the day anyways and it’s inevitably going to look like shit. Poor Peter. Must be a joy to come in after a long ass day of clearing snow to find me, in the kitchen, looking the same as I have day after day with a baby on my hip and frustration in my eyes. YES, having 4 boys is awesome, but it’s hard to have them home with not much to do for days on end. Thankful for sledding and baseball to get us out.

This was before the most recent storm. I nagged Peter enough to snowblow the sidewalk. So I chipped away and he tried to get through. We did it. There aren’t many sidewalks cleared, but I feel so bad for the kids that walk to the bus and for our mail lady. This nagging I get from my mum. I used to be so insulted when people told me I was just like my mom or say, “ok Janet”. Now, I know it, I laugh and embrace it. I feel bad for Peter and my sister’s wife Donna…Cheryl and I are very similar and a pain in the ass…”where are the fire hydrants on this street? We need to shovel them out after the sidewalk”, “do we need to shovel the roof? Are you sure?”, “can you start the generator and make sure it works?”, “can you help our hateful neighbor shovel? her husband is sick”, “I have a headache, do you think it’s carbon monoxide?”. Then there is Pete’s favorite, “do we need to dig out the pipes?” “what pipes, Faith?” “I don’t know peter, the pipes!” I must be friggin exhausting, but I do cook a good friggin meal…Every. Damn. Day.

Last night I also caught myself engrossed in a show about end of life on channel 11…that’s like local programming. Oh gosh, I am my mother reincarnated. It was an awesome show though. I was hysterical for the last half hour, but reminds me of what’s important, yet again. Also texted a friend about her vacation spot that was being featured on Chronicle. She sent back that yes, her 82 year old neighbor had told her. I laugh as I write this…I am an old lady and I love it. I’m way stronger than an old lady, but otherwise we are pretty much the same.

Killian and his friend made this cool fort in the snowstorm. Both big boys were at friend’s houses on Monday. Was an easier day for me. Thank you very much.

My baby looks GIANT here. Awful, just awful. I think it’s the sweater. No more sweaters. Today I dressed him in a baby blue one piece thing, much more “babyish”, much better.

The baby whisperer. I kid you not.


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