Rice & Friends


#fridaynightlights at the gym during the CrossFit Open have been so fun. I love our people. 


Killian begged me to walk to school and pick him up last week so the littles and I rose to the occasion. It was nice. (Is that actually sun in Seamus’ eyes?? No way!)


Buggers first time sitting in the dirty shopping cart. He loved it! 


I just can’t even….stud muffin. 


How could I have forgotten? Auggie went to sleep on his own last night and then again today at nap time. I’m so proud of us!



I met some of my Viking friends out Saturday night at the last stop on their pub crawl. It was my once a year evening out. I’ve come to the realization that I shouldn’t really drink anymore. I had 3 beers and water. I felt like garbage Sunday morning. My stomach just felt so rotten. Something in beer just doesn’t agree with my body and it’s no fun trying to recover,  especially when you have FOUR kiddos…boys at that! 


Every Monday for the past few weeks I make a double batch of white sticky rice in my rice cooker.  I use it as a snack for my boys bottomless pit stomachs. They are always hungry…it’s unbelievable. “Have some rice” I say. On the upswing, it is delicious…so delicious. Stop over for a bowl anytime. ❤️🏠


Round Two: The Wee Hours

2:19 AM awake with Seamus who has severe belly pain. He’s been up for a while rolling around begging for medicine or something to make it stop. For a second I panicked that it is appendicitis or something but then settled on the simple fact that he’s going to puke any minute and I just need to deal. He won’t let me leave his side, so I’m laying in the other bed with the chronic bed wetter Killian, praying to the Heavens he doesn’t pee on me while Seamus watches Peppa Pig on YouTube.  I texted one of my good friends who just had this same sounding thing and she actually already responded…yet another one of the countless mums up in the wee hours with sick babies. It sucks. August has a dr appointment in the morning I’ve been waiting for, and now, may have to cancel. I’d like to add, it’s not fair to get the stomach bug more than once a season. I also strongly believe mothers should be exempt. Always.


All the boys got haircuts last weekend thanks to Daddy. That was a monumental task. I don’t know why, but getting haircuts is one of the worst tasks ever. Probably because I don’t make appointments in advance for the boys so once they need them, they NEED them and Killian detests getting his haircut so that just adds some firey spice to the mix. They all came out good though and it’s nice to be done. 

I also went food shopping over the weekend which also feels awesome to be done with! I usually go during the week. It’s tough for me to decide on a time to miss the gym and go, but with August’s appointment this week I decided to take care of it on Sunday. Wahoo! Only bad part was once I got there I couldn’t figure out how to put August in the baby carrier I had brought so I had to resort to pushing him in the stroller and pulling the shopping carriage. I wanted to cry the first few aisles. It was crowded. I got lots of “Wow. You have your hands full!”. One lady even said, “Where is Dad? He should be helping” to which I replied, “He’s home with the other 3 boys taking them to baseball practice. Me having one kiddo food shopping is a break you bitch (insert nice smile here)”. I should also add I received some very nice compliments on my beautiful, perfectly behaved boy. ☺️ 


Saturday night Killian had a sleepover and requested I draw a mustache on his mug for the occasion. This boy. Love the toilet in the background by the way. 


Killian also sent Peter a text from the sleepover asking what August was doing so Peter sent him this. 😍


Dallas got his Nor’Easter baseball shirt over the weekend. He was pretty excited. Even got the number he wanted. 


Random post, but catching you up on all the good times in my life. Wouldn’t change it for anything, well, maybe for sleep (2:53 AM as I say goodnight!). 😉

||Update: Seamus was fine after 2 hours and in the morning. I guess I will chalk it up to gas. 😳||

Big Changes For My Littelest Guy

BIG week for my soon-to-be 7 month old last week. He started eating some pouchy food (mostly applesauce…I’m not pushing it), sleeping better everyday and, as of Friday, sitting up unassisted. The picture up there was one night where I was able to lay him down and sit outside his crib and he went to sleep. I also discovered he sleeps much better swaddled with one arm left out. He’s up to 4 hour stretches…I’m so proud of him!  ||Update: August slept 8-7 Tuesday night with only 1 feeding at 2 am. He’s amazing! ||

Took this bunch for a walk Sunday afternoon. We HAD to get outside…snow or no snow. We literally just went around the block. Seamus lagged behind and complained about how much his legs hurt the entire time. 

One of Killian’s favorite activities is hunting for leprechauns. He finds them mysterious and interesting. St. Paddys day is fun around here: traps, corned beef with all the fixings and a Guiness of course, cute little outfits and chatter about leprechauns. Oh yeah, and Killian has decided he wants to learn Portuguese so he can surprise some of his friends in class. So far we’ve mastered “good morning” and “hi! How are you?” He’s got such a big heart ❤️…sometimes

High Fives, Sleep Training and Deadlifts

I thought this appropriate for daylight savings day! August was up at 5:30 (6:30)…WHY? I’ve realized he’s a crappy sleeper and it’s all my fault. I’ve spoiled him rotten and now I am paying for it. I’m going to have to let him cry it out one of these days, but I’m not sure I can handle it? Have you ever heard how sad his cry is and the constant “mmmmmmum”, “mmmmmmummmmm”? It’s gonna suck! 

This was my idea of trying to get him down tonight. He’s in his bed which is a plus, he’s not crying, BUT my hand was stuck there for some time. Everytime I took it away he’d wake up and screech. This is actually one of my fave things. I always get him to sleep with my hand on his face and he rubs my hand as he drifts off. Gosh he’s perfect. ||sidenote: that is my slouchy hat he’s sleeping with 😍||

Sweet little peach at the gym reading to Auggie yesterday. She gave me lots of hugs. It was awesome. 

Our skill yesterday (before the workout) was a series of Deadlifts at 65%, 75%, 85%, 90% (this is 225#) and 95% of our 1 rep max (post pregnancy mine is 250#). It was hard.  It’s always hard, but makes me strong and I like that. 

The Bug Sets Sail

My littlest guy. The one I thought was spared…threw up in his crib a Monday night. Peter says it was a “ton” couldn’t believe it. Poor guy. Sadly, for me, it was also all over my sleeping jacket I had in there with him. I am trying to get him to occasionally sleep in there so I put something that smells like me (b.o.) in there with him. It’s just not right or fair. Lol

This was an hour or so before the above mentioned incident. Little buggy is big enough to take a tubby in the sink. He loves it. Splashes like crazy. I tried to crop the beer bottle, brownies and mess out in the back, but wasn’t happening. Hey, it’s Monday(?).

These two got along for 5 minutes yesterday. It was awesome. Then Killian farted and it all went South. 

Went to a friend’s and made this fun playdough over the weekend. Killian loved it and Seamus loved playing with their little guy for a couple hours. It was a fun couple of hours. I like visits like that 🙂

THIS guy finally had his 6 month check up. Nineteen pounds and 2’5″ tall. Big squishy boy 👶