Pre 7:11 AM

Before 7:11 this morning the following happened: Peter left a spoon in the Magic Bullet so when he turned it out the container broke and coffee went everywhere, like a 6′ radius on the wall, kitchen etc., Seamus threw up in his bed sometime in the night so came down this morning covered in, and smelling like, vomit and Killian wet the bed. Oh, everyone has asked me for breakfast. 

I’m so lucky I’m a stay-at-home mom, I’m so lucky I’m a stay-at-home mom, I’m so lucky I’m a stay-at-home mom…😉


Missing Mama and More Barf

I found this shifting through papers today. You know moving a stack from one spot to another over and over again. A stack you know you really won’t EVER need, but keep just in case. My mom was always a big card sender. She would often send cards to the boys meant for the love of your life, but I guess the boys were the love of her life after Dad died. She sent this near the end. Her handwriting is shaky. It was long after football season had ended. She congratulates him on his touchdowns, apologizes for her writing and ends with “hope to get better soon”.  Always hoping to be able to breath easy so she could come over and play Candyland with Seamus, snuggle her newest grandbaby and help me with laundry and dishes. I miss her puttering around my house. Bummer. 

Seamus, Killian and I got sacked by the stomach bug Tuesday. It was rough. Peter is the last mam standing…thank goodness. Seamus and I just get the puking over with. Killian rolls around moaning all night until it forces its way out. I feel like if he just went and stood at the toilet hours ago it would be over and done with. 

The picture up there is Killian Wednesday afternoon.  Any idea how exhausted this boy has to be to sleep during the day? Unheard of.  

Wow. I’m a bucket of good cheer today. Something great did happen: we all woke up relatively healthy and I discovered the show Donnie L❤️ves Jennie. They are so cute. Seriously.

My Worst Nightmare

I hate, detest, loathe throw up. It causes me great anxiety. When it’s coming, who is next. So imagine my HORROR when after a 5 hour ride to Vermont, Dallas throws up. I chalked it up to car sickness because he sat in the way back the entire ride. Then when he preceded to puke 17,000 other times…I guess he had the stomach bug. What’s worse? Oh yeah, we were in Vermont, staying with friends! Thankfully, they are all some of the best people we’ve met and didn’t seem to care that our kiddo was puking for like 48 hours straight ….we’ll see what happens if they all end up sick 😁.

He spent most of the weekend like this, although, he did rally for the indoor water park (The Pump House) for about an hour and a short trip out to try snowboarding. I felt so bad. He had looked forward to the weekend more than anyone. The rest of us still had a spectacular time regardless.

Our friend’s mom taught Killian how to ski…he killed it. She was going to keep him on the learning hill, but when we went out to watch we couldn’t find him…they had gone to the lift he was doing so well. So proud of him!

Our ride home. Was nice…Dallas was feeling so much better (we let him sit in front just in case).

Believe it or not, this boy is out cold. Sleeps with eyes open…weird, or something you gotta do when you have 3 brothers. Hehe.


Only a little mess to clean up.

Overall, we had a great school break. Lots of friends over, sleepovers, baseball and baby snuggles.

News Flash! Snow is coming!

Awesome. Just awesome.

I need trash bags and I was thinking the other day how I always stay clear of black trash bags. They make me feel like a criminal. Everything you don’t want people to see gets put in black trash bags. Like…just kidding! Anyways, I won’t use them. Ever.

I saw this and thought it was so funny. So true for your first baby, for your fourth, not so much. “Oh, excuse me. Can you hold my baby for 5 minutes while I get my eyebrows waxed?” This may or may not have happened.

My little porcelain doll at the gym the other day. Yes, still sports the Christmas tree hat now and again.

Seamy boy working hard on his Valentine box for school. You think he’d be freezing, but he’s always like this…they all are.

I did lots of cooking Saturday afternoon…I put Killian in charge of the banana bread. He did a great job!

I made these for breakfast today. During a snowstorm it’s all about the chow.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!


Ok, now time to stress out about losing power…

I Exhaust My Husband. He Loves Me Anyway.

Although it’s beautiful, the snow is making me weary. Day after day I shower and put on some sweatpants (I’m not going anywhere really…except to shovel the steps, maybe), a sweatshirt and a hat. I don’t bother doing my hair (putting product in it or trying to style it) because I just wear a knit hat most of the day anyways and it’s inevitably going to look like shit. Poor Peter. Must be a joy to come in after a long ass day of clearing snow to find me, in the kitchen, looking the same as I have day after day with a baby on my hip and frustration in my eyes. YES, having 4 boys is awesome, but it’s hard to have them home with not much to do for days on end. Thankful for sledding and baseball to get us out.

This was before the most recent storm. I nagged Peter enough to snowblow the sidewalk. So I chipped away and he tried to get through. We did it. There aren’t many sidewalks cleared, but I feel so bad for the kids that walk to the bus and for our mail lady. This nagging I get from my mum. I used to be so insulted when people told me I was just like my mom or say, “ok Janet”. Now, I know it, I laugh and embrace it. I feel bad for Peter and my sister’s wife Donna…Cheryl and I are very similar and a pain in the ass…”where are the fire hydrants on this street? We need to shovel them out after the sidewalk”, “do we need to shovel the roof? Are you sure?”, “can you start the generator and make sure it works?”, “can you help our hateful neighbor shovel? her husband is sick”, “I have a headache, do you think it’s carbon monoxide?”. Then there is Pete’s favorite, “do we need to dig out the pipes?” “what pipes, Faith?” “I don’t know peter, the pipes!” I must be friggin exhausting, but I do cook a good friggin meal…Every. Damn. Day.

Last night I also caught myself engrossed in a show about end of life on channel 11…that’s like local programming. Oh gosh, I am my mother reincarnated. It was an awesome show though. I was hysterical for the last half hour, but reminds me of what’s important, yet again. Also texted a friend about her vacation spot that was being featured on Chronicle. She sent back that yes, her 82 year old neighbor had told her. I laugh as I write this…I am an old lady and I love it. I’m way stronger than an old lady, but otherwise we are pretty much the same.

Killian and his friend made this cool fort in the snowstorm. Both big boys were at friend’s houses on Monday. Was an easier day for me. Thank you very much.

My baby looks GIANT here. Awful, just awful. I think it’s the sweater. No more sweaters. Today I dressed him in a baby blue one piece thing, much more “babyish”, much better.

The baby whisperer. I kid you not.

Easy Skillet Meal

Big Neon Social at Cold Spring tonight do this afternoon I whipped up one of my quick go-to meals to stick in the fridge to eat for dinner later (and breakfast tomorrow if there are leftovers).

Sauté onion in pan with coconut oil and sweet potatoes. I sometimes put a little chicken broth and cover the pan to speed up the process. When that’s done put in bowl and set aside. Add sausage to pan (I take out of casing) and chop up as you cook it. When that’s almost done put sweet potato and onion back in. Today, I added some chopped asparagus and salt and pepper. Finish cooking up to your liking (I like the sausage really browned). At the last minute add either spinach or kale. Today I chose baby Kale. So tastey with almost no spices, easy, awesome to make and have for lunch and equally awesome with a few eggs up on top. You’re welcome.

These two playing while I cooked ❤️

This and That

I miss my Mum. I think about calling her all the time still. Bums me out. I feel like I miss her more than I missed my Dad after he passed (maybe not more, but differently?). I think it’s because we knew my Dad had roughly 9 months to live and so, I spent everyday of those 9 months with him. Every. Day. Even if I was just there an hour. We saw his decline and kinda were more “prepared” I guess you could say. With my mom….she always struggled to breathe. Some days better than others, but all pretty similar. Then one day the call comes that she’s taken a turn. A turn? Are you sure or is she just having a really difficult day? Then…poof. She’s gone (not really, but now it seems that way). Her heart kept pumping away those last days and I’m sure she would’ve lived longer, a LOT longer had she never smoked.

Snow day and dentist Tuesday. Awesome. I hated every minute of taking all 4 boys to the dentist. Both Dallas and Killian had a cleaning. Good news is…NO CAVITIES! I have awful teeth, so, I am a naggg about brushing and flossing. Looming dentist appointments cause me anxiety. Glad it’s over.

I’ve realized something awful about myself. I have discovered that I am a huge part of the mess in my house. I hate to admit it, but I just started to realize I never put anything away! I am so overwhelmed and busy that I am always rushing into the next thing before I completely finish the first. I am constantly working on 10 different things at once. I really need to work on this. I also realized I keep a lot if stuff we don’t need. I keep clothes I used to wear to work (yeah..I worked outside the home for a minute, once) in case I ever work again….like I would wear those clothes, like they would fit, like they’d be in style? What is wrong with me? Really. I’m getting rid if things that don’t bring me joy. I have too many coats, too much stuff.

I’m not getting rid of these two though. No matter how nutty they make me.