7 Days Post Eviction

Little August is 7 days old today. I’m really trying to let the laundry and dishes wait and instead spend my time staring at my baby. I hate that I always think to myself “this time last week we were on our way to the hospital” or “this is when all Hell broke loose”. I need to be more in the present moment…that takes practice. It’s hard.


Someone’s hungry…lol

On another note, it really pisses me off when the girls (mostly) at Dunkin Donuts give you an attitude when you don’t tip them. I inadvertently took my change today and it’s like satan takes over for a second, their whole demeanor changes and the “have a nice day” isn’t as nice as the “$2.57 please” was just before that. A tip is supposed to be for exceptional service above what is expected. Bitches.


Can Crying Make You Dehydrated?

Water works have started for this mama. I have to hold back tears and breathe deep more than I’d like to admit. This is one of the downfalls of having a perfect new baby…hormones. It sucks.

First day of school for my biggins. So handsome.

Seamy is 5 now so the other night he got to go “camping” with Bobo at Myles Standish in Bobo’s camper. His day was packed full of fun…all about him. They had a fire in the morning because it was too late the night before. Genius idea I thought…5 year olds don’t care if it’s day or night…it’s a fire! Good memories with his grampa for my boy.

August had his first doctor appointment today. Back up to 9 pounds and perfect. Isn’t my husband a hottie too? No wonder we keep having babies. He’s not only handsome, but he’s had to deal with the fore mentioned crying outbursts while still pretty much handling everything so I don’t get overwhelmed and cry. Dinner, kids, school clothes shopping, cleaning, my angry outbursts. And I KNOW deep in my heart he adores me and would do it again and again. That’s amazing to me…everyone deserves to be so loved. I cry again.

Ok. Last one of the snuggle bug. Love how his itty bitty hands are tucked under his head ❤️

4 Days Old

I honestly didn’t think I had enough love to give another baby. What an idiot….I’m more in love than ever!

Approximately 1:28 am. Big head, big shoulders, big baby. Need I say more?

Later that day (Friday night) big boys call to Facetime baby brother. Melts my heart.

Saturday 24 hours old. I can’t get enough of this guy! Had an awesome day visiting with a steady steam of some of my girl buddies since Pete couldn’t make it in until the night. It was a pretty awesome day. One I will remember.

Sunday…headed home. This was a rough day. Roughest I can remember w a newborn in the hospital. He cried all day. All. Day. Oh yeah…and night.

Monday morning finally arrived. I found this swaddle thing Patti gave me. Worked like a charm. He slept in here for 3 hours! It was just what I needed.

I was feeling so good I went out for an iced coffee when Pete got home. Unfortunately, I hit road construction by Nelson Park and started to cry uncontrollably. Cried all the way home to get a hug from my hubs. Damn hormones!



Leads us to today. Great day! Saw some good friends, went to successfully get my iced coffee with no tears. Snuggled baby every chance I got!

August Michael Murphy arrives!

Here’s the real last few from the pregnancy portfolio:



Without going into all the gory details YET, August Michael was born Friday morning at 1:28 am. I was induced starting about 4pm with nothing much happening until about 11pm… then all HELL broke loose. Needless to say, it was an interesting and yet super scary experience.

That being said, I will say that I felt very well taken care of, loved and protected at SSH. My midwives were amazing as was my super nurse, Maggie (that has, coincidentally, been my nurse for 3 of the 4 boys) who was by my side for her whole shift 7-7…I am so glad she was there.

We came home yesterday, but sadly, so sadly, we weren’t able to make it home in time for the boys jamboree in Sandwich. We were totally bummed especially when my phone started blowing up letting us know this happened:

Killian, with a big block from his pal Drew, ran 60 yards for his first touchdown! He was so excited and this was exactly what he needed to build his confidence. He’s had a rough week worrying about if he was going to mess up in his first game. So much so that we had tears a few times.

So, we now try to get back in the swing of things. Next on the list of things to stress about: SCHOOL STARTS! This baby was suppose to allow us a couple of weeks to prepare! He was late and now we scramble, for clothes, shoes, supply’s, etc. Oh well, what to do… Manage it. Get it done. Peter will take them out last minute and race around (he enjoys the race) and will manage to get it done…

Punch buggies are a big deal!

Another “last photo” for the portfolio from yesterday. This is getting fun.

Peter and Killian’s favorite new, old thing. Punch buggies and slap wagons. I won’t play because I’m a drag these days, but Killian sees about 5 a day. Peter makes Killian point it out (half the time it’s a Fiat or Mini Cooper). Peter didn’t believe Killian saw a pink one this morning when we headed out for our final breakfast as a family of 5, but…he was right and they were both so excited! I love my boys.

Oh and I’d like to point out…I have not punched or freaked out on anyone in the last 9 days…all the jokes and sorry looks. I’ve been trying to be present in the moment and enjoy every second and I pretty much have. Peter is more anxious for labor than I am (vacation). Woot! Pat on my back.

Water Wizz

This is one of those “last photos” taken. Yeah well looks like we’ll take another today.

Super how my belly just rests there on my legs, eh? I look old. Holy hell, I am old and pregnant!

I seriously blame CrossFit for being this late. My pelvic floor is strong from heavy squats that ain’t nothing getting out (except pee when I jump rope).

Water wizzzzz was super! So glad I went. I took the risk that it was far from home and I was in a “not so great” predicament if I went into labor, but my boys had such a crappy weekend…we had to do something. They stuck with their buddies all day and had a blast! Seamus was even really good…which, these days, is rare so bonus all around!




Real Life

I am now 6 days late.

So I had this dreamy day planned. IKEA trip! We’d go to ikea, look for curtains for baby M’s room, and cruise for neato gadgets. We drive up with the usual “are we there yet” from the back seat. (Block it out Faith). As we pull up, there is about 20 minutes of traffic to get into the parking lot! We head in and immediately Peter starts with “Look at this crap!” He owns a furniture store so naturally, it’s all crap unless it’s The Queen’s Garden. Moving on, I find some $10 curtains and here comes a blowout! $10 curtain?! Peter and I argue our way back to the car, no curtains. Then we go to lunch. It’s typical. Kids are starving, yet don’t eat anything, crawl under the table, kick each other(& us) and generally misbehave. Pay the bill and let’s get out of here and pick up
Dallas who stayed with Nana for the day. Pick up Dallas, who throws up on the way to the car. The boy is sick and has been sick for days. I’m getting concerned. Perfect.

Let’s go home and relax. Huh? No let’s go home and find lice in Seamus and Killian’s hair and spend the night shampoo’n hairs, combing and delicing hair, along with laundry for days. Texting all my friends that my kids have lice. I’m so embarrassed and horrified. It’s like a dirty secret you don’t WANT to tell anyone, but HAVE to. This is real life and this week it sucks! This must be why baby is late. I couldn’t do all this with a newborn around.

It was rough but someday we’ll look back and laugh they say? I doubt it…not this time.