Everyone had Chicken for Dinner!

No expectations for today and it turned out good. We met some of Seamys’ preschool friends at the park after the gym. After being shy for a few he played and had a blast…even Killian had fun and wants to do it again. After that we called Kerin to see if she wanted to meet us at Friendlys for $1.99 kid meal Wednesday. Course she did, whoop! Although, Dallas has grown out of the little kid meals so it ended up costing me more than I anticipated, but it was fun, especially when they tried to seat two older gentlemen near our table and they said “nooooo waaaaay!” Ha!

Went home and snuck in a 20 minute nap (yess! I love naps!) and then started cooking dinner (lemon chicken, sweet potato and Brussel sprouts) /folding laundry/picking up. Multi-tasking…rocking it today!

Dinner ready when Pete gets home. Dallas and I fly out the door for one of the top 15 best days of his year: football equipment pick up! Yeah!!

Come home and go to lock up my girls for the night and can’t find one. Without going into the gory details…one of my bitches got killed by a dog today. Only bad part of an otherwise nice day 😒. RIP Mamma chicken.


Stuck in the sand!

My day consisted of the following: workout at 8:30, sit at 9:30. Good.

Beach at 12. I parked right when I got onto beach by the Crossover. High tide and very chilly. Stinky. Kids all over Kerin and I because there is nowhere to play. Everyone around me gets stuck. Decide to leave after an hour (water was fast approaching my tires) and GET STUCK. My worst fear has come true people! A nice lady gets me out. Get home and hang out with Kerin and kids for a bit. Good. Get in my car to take kids to dentist. I get stung at the top of the belly by a bee! Flew right down my shirt! It was awful. I haven’t been stung by a bee in years. Back to dentist: torture. I have so much anxiety about my kids teeth, it’s unreasonable. I have bad teeth even though I brush, floss, rinse at least 2x a day. They actually both came out with good reports which was great. Seamus was tough through the appointments (big surprise), but he goes straight for these glasses every time we get to the office.

Drop Dallas at home and scoot to grocery store to pick up groceries I ordered last night. Yes! Go home start dinner, put groceries away, get kids fed, start making sauce for dinner and I have no coconut milk…CRAP! Very crankily run to store to buy some. Get home and realize I had shut oven off so we will have to wait longer for dinner (sweet potatoes were in there). UGH. Finally get dinner done and don’t eat because I’m so frustrated and over it. Go out at 8 to vacuum the buckets of beach sand out of my car and clean up the huge mess I left in the driveway. Feed chickens ❤️. Come in. Peter in bed (he got up at 4 to coach), get kids down and put laundry away. Put Seamus back to bed 5 times at least.

After looking through pics there were a few awesome parts of my day:

Running plays in my kitchen area:


Killian is going to be an amazing big brother!

Praying for a better day tomorrow. More relaxing and more fun!

Tuesday Already?

Sunday afternoon (after maternity pictures and a baseball game) I was tired and frustrated and said to my littlest boy “Seamus, why do you only ask me for what you need? Why can’t you ask Daddy or your brothers?” He got all weepy and raspy and his lips went straight like he was going to cry and said “Because you are my mother (in the adorable way he pronounces things). That’s why I ask you” in the saddest, cutest voice ever. It broke my heart. It’s hard knowing all these depend on me for everything all the time, pretty much. I felt like a jerk, I scooped him up and hugged him and got him what he needed. I feel like I’m failing miserably lately. I use my pregnancy as an excuse, I shouldn’t. I need to work on chilling the heck out.

Let me also add that the next day, after he got out of the shower and was laying in my bed, he said he was going to wipe his dirty butt all over it; cuteness went right out the window.


While Dallas played a tough baseball game last night against the other Plymouth team I had the pleasure of signing Killian up for football. Yup, he changed his mind after a long time of saying no. I was A-OK with him chilling out for the fall and just having to deal with one sports schedule, but nothing can be THAT easy. A new baby, school, 2 boys playing football. Eh, no big deal. 😳

After baseball we went to the Lobster Hut for dinner. Reminds me so much of my childhood and my Dad. Good Lord, I miss this man.

On a high note…I made 3 grilled cheeses today and didn’t burn one. Yay me!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner: Sunflower seeds

So yesterday I gave up on baseball. Finished. Done. I know, I know, it seems to be all I talk about lately, but it is such a major part of our lives right now. Major like our lives revolve around it. Major like everyday. So, I gave up on it yesterday and both my boys had a great day of ball! Dallas hit a triple in one of his games and pitched 3 good innings. Killian had a great double play in his first game, a big hit in his second game, and pitched 2 great innings that he was awarded the player of the game award for. He (and we) were really excited about this.

Other than that… We have our Seamus… he just went with the flow all day. He ate junk food, ran with the little brothers and got as dirty as a 5 year old could possibly get in one day!


Sometimes Laundry has to Get Done

Yesterday was B O R I N G according to one of my boys (sorry kids, not everyday is full of activity after activity especially when yo momma is 9 months pregnant) so at 2 I took them out for a walk at Bay Farm in Duxbury. I know I need to do this, just like a dog, the kids need to get out and move, they need to be walked. It was nice and in between the fighting I took some pictures that made it look dreamy:

Then I took them to Farfar’s and let them get what they wanted, 2 out of 3 wanted frappes and I said YES! I never say yes. I’m too cheap ($5 for one, ugh!). Got home right in time for baseball in Manomet. Worked out perfectly.

Seamy got these from my super nice neighbor John that had them leftover from the parade float he had. Seamy dragged them around all day, well, asked me to drag them around. Julie thought this was fantastic.

Not the Greatest of Days

So this happened yesterday:

My calm, sweet, even keeled, happy boy had a 10 minute breakdown. He had been lazy all morning (clearly still in his boxers) then he stepped on some random toy on the floor and lost it. He went to sit down to catch his breath and bumped his head. He lost it more and rolled around sobbing on the couch for a few minutes. I didn’t even know what to do. This never happens. I wanted to tell him how I feel like doing this all the time, I know how he feels, but I didn’t think that would make it any better. Poor guy. Just needed a minute and a hug I guess.

Later in the day this also happened:

I, without fail, burn grilled cheese every time I make it. Every time. I cook a million meals I never burn, but can’t manage grilled cheese ever. It drives me crazy. I think it cooks too fast and I get distracted. I don’t know, but it has to stop.

I should’ve just gone to the beach today, but the good news is, we are one day closer to meeting the newest member if the Murphy clan.