Happy New Year? Yes!

New Years Eve is a pain in the ass. You want to do something, but you got 4 kids…one of which is a baby. Don’t want to be out late because of the higher chance of drunk drivers. Don’t want to really stay home, but kinda do because you still want to get to the gym Thursday morning. Maybe have friends over Thursday for some food, but have to get food. Might be too much work for me. Can you hear my voice fluctuating while I write this? Good.

Killian. This is normal for him. Always has one sock on, one sock off. Isn’t it….interesting?

I called the Boy Scouts to come get my tree Saturday. I guess I will have to cancel as Killian decided it would be fun to saw the branches off and throw them behind the shed. Oookkkay.

My sister offered Dallas these elf slippers on Christmas. He kindly declined “No thanks, Lala. I won’t wear them”. He then reluctantly took them with my nudging and hasn’t taken them off! He loves them.

I’ve been to the gym 4 days in a row. Yay me! Yesterday was hard. I was happy with my 125# push press (haven’t done that in a while…my old max is 135), but I struggled with 75# push presses in the workout. Ah well, I’ll get back.

As many rounds as possible in 18 minutes:
15 box jumps
12 push presses 75#
9 toes to bar

I got 5 complete rounds plus 14.

Happy New Years Eve! Be Safe!



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