Summer Recap

SO, it’s been a while. Like the whole summer and then some. What a summer it has been! I haven’t had a spare moment to catch my breath never mind write a blog (poor excuse…you can make time for anything you want when you put forth even a little bit of effort). I’ve been lazy about it I suppose. Let’s catch up.

Crushing the ice cream cake with a spoon! I’m impressed he knows how to use one of those.

  Our August is ONE (yes, our Auggie… He has more people that adore him than I do and he’s only been around a year). He’s walking …steps here and there, longer distances everyday. He still doesn’t sleep well (again, my fault), but he’s still the cutest bugger ever. I can’t believe he’s my last. Still trying to stop time, but it’s not working. 

 School started. These 3 gone all day. It’s weird and quiet and I think Auggie hates it. He has been fussy and seems to be looking around for the boys all day.

First thing Dallas does when he gets home. Doesn’t  he look like a giant here?   

  Tons and tons of baseball all summer: districts, states, regionals, hotels, driving to Winchester, Chelmsford and West Warwick. Wouldn’t change a thing.  Right as baseball came to a close…FOOTBALL began! #Vikings

Seamy in a fall clinic in South Plymouth. These 3 decided to #represent on day 1. 😁 

Does this scream tourist or what?!

 Started the summer off with a super fun vacation with friends in the Outer Banks. Beautiful. 
Seamy had to go to Title 1 summer school. Wonderful experience! I can’t say enough about how much he benefited from the 5 weeks (bonus it kept he and K separated for half the day which saved my sanity and probably my family). 

 Snuggles for us with no one home.  

 What have we been in school like 2 weeks and this one got LICE again! Can you believe it?! Instead of letting him keep his long locks and work through it…we got rid of it. I WILL NOT deal with this again! 

Everyone can freak out now…I said it…lice, lice, lice!! Carry on 😉 🐛