Star Struck With a Big Side of Snow

We went to the ECC last weekend. It’s a big CrossFit competition at the Seaport in Boston. It was crazy. There was tons of the fittest people on earth there (insert eye roll). It was so cool to see them at such a small venue just hanging around with us normal folk. Funny how all these people are so “famous” to me, but to most of the people I know…no one knows who they are. Two big highlights: I saw and got my picture with Heather Bergeron. She writes a blog I love, is co-owner of CrossFit New England, has 4 kiddos like me (one of which is only 2 months older than August) and has been to the Games. I also saw Rich Froning’s wife (I follow her on Instagram)
a few times with their baby Lakelyn that they adopted. I wish I got my picture with her, but I get nervous these people will think I’m crazy.

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Crazy snowstorm. Soooo happy we didn’t lose power. That’s the kind of storm I can deal with. Tucked in my house with my family, food, heat and stuff to keep the boys occupied. The big boys were outside playing most of the day Tuesday with Peter who was trying to keep up with the snow. After removing the 5 foot snowbank in front of the garage he cleared our driveway (which is pretty big) 3 times or so with zero help from our neighbor that we share the driveway with 😠, but that’s nothing new. I didn’t step foot outside that day, after all, someone had to watch the baby 😜.

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Look at that squat. Functional fitness. The end.



Little bit if sledding the last two days.

This boy. He’s been a little cranky the last two days. Nothing crazy, but I’m so used to him being so insanely easy that any fussiness is…annoying. I managed to get and hour or so in at the gym. This was how we worked out. August seemed to enjoy watching. This is Kerin finishing up Isabel (30 Snatches for time at 95#). I did 75# and finished in 3:33.

I need to start making an effort to do my hair and put some make up on now and again. Yikes.

Everyone loves the baby. He’s getting so big too fast.


Little Brothers With a Visit to the Cemetary?


These two…😍 I am SO, SO grateful all my boys love Auggie so much. It could’ve gone either way, especially with Seamus, thank the good Lord it went this way. That being said, I never get a chance to hold my baby for more than 5 minutes at a time. Ever.

Interesting day the other day, I guess. My brother and I went to pick out a plot for my mom, dad and one of my brothers ashes today. There wasn’t many spots left at this particular place so it looks like it will be here, to the left of the cross. While there I saw the head stone of a friend I went to high school with, so sad. Made me think of his wife and babies. Again, life is too short. I can’t believe at the end of this journey we die. Ugh.

ANYWAYS, my dryer stopped working today so now every square inch of my house is covered in wet clothes. The good news is…Kerin and I took it apart and found the source of the problem. I ordered a new belt and will hopefully have the dryer up and running today. All I needed was Maryellen to tell me it was probably just a belt and I could follow YouTube videos and fix it myself. Yes, I can! Kerin and I will be available for side jobs if this works out. Watch out world! 😂

Those Are MY Socks!!

Driving to the grocery store today thinking about my little lady and thought “I should call her”. Oh, yeah. I can’t. 😦

That’s Killian in the coat closet. #littlehouseproblems

I caught a quick glimpse of Peter’s socks this morning and THEY ARE MINE! My purple tall socks that I love. He better not have stretched them out!!

Killian got to go ice skating today (he loves it!). I need to get him some skates and get him on the ice more.

Speaking of Killian…he’s learned how to use the audio record. So now instead of texting me he sends those. Constantly.

Took the boys to Forges yesterday to get some energy out and brought this nice warm lemon loaf with me to share with my friends. I didn’t do the glaze (no confectionary sugar in this house), but it was still so yummy. It’s on the menu for next time friends come for coffee…with glaze.

Auggie fell in love with this giraffe over the last few days. So cute.

Lunch Woes

Someone in my family is difficult when it comes to lunch. I’ve been struggling for 3 years now to pack him food he’ll eat. We’ve done: p,b&j, salami, pepperoni, yogurt, blt’s, fruit, cheese, cold chicken nuggets. He has a problem with everything. His lunch usually ends up as a bit of this and a bit of that. A rather large variety (pain in the butt). He mentioned a thermos to me in December so he got one for Christmas and has now brought meatballs 5 days in a row and is extremely pleased. They even stay hot! I’ve figured out 1.5 minutes in the microwave is perfect for 7 small meatballs (2 minutes is too much). I hope this is the game changer I’ve been looking for.

Dallas brought ham and mustard for probably the first 2.5 years and has now brought p,b&j for the last 2.5. Everyday. No complaining. So weird how kiddos from the same family can be so different. I guess I always wanted it that way so I’m happy.

Two good friends (Patti and Kerin) made the kids dinner and dessert Wednesday night so I didn’t have to. Taco bar! Yum. I had some too. It was delish. Thank you friends!

My little bug is still grocery shopping like a champ. Every week since maybe 3 weeks this is how we shop. He never makes a peep. Drifts off to sleep, wakes up. Again, he’s amazing.

Today would’ve been my parents 60th wedding anniversary. That is all.

Stand In Front of the Camera (sometimes)

Ok I’ve learned that I need to start taking pictures with people. I have a few pictures of my mom and the boys, but not many of she and I. This is a nudge to get all of you out there to start taking pictures with those you love.

Took all 3 boys to get haircuts Monday at the same time. Crazy? Maybe, but it had to be done.

Speaking of hair…I’ve been looking for pics my mom and noticed my hair is a different color in every picture. I’ve also realized I am so much like her it’s a bit unsettling. I’m working on not being SO stubborn. If you see me sticking my heels in and not budging give me a gentle nudge. Thanks.


This was after my little lady’s memorial service. It was such a great celebration of her life. So many warm hugs and happy memories. She was well loved and that fills my heart.

Janet Gardner Percy 3/13/1937-1/9/2015

So…my little lady passed away yesterday. My feisty mamma. She held on for days and days, but finally found her way about 6:30 yesterday morning. My oldest brother, Peter, and sister-in-law, Sue, were by her side. Such a sad day for my family. My brothers, sister and I are parentless which is so hard to believe. I am far too young to have no living mom or dad. Let me tell you a few things about her: stubborn as all hell, terrified of losing power, major anxiety all her life, never went on a plane, smoked menthol Kools for about 50 years, was afraid to die, chewed gum 24/7, did the best she knew how, loved her kids, ADORED my boys, made a best friend at the nursing home (I hear they would hold hands), was loved by all her nurses, had a love with my dad that was shatterproof, amazing and almost unbelievable. I look like her which I never thought until these pictures surfaced the last few days.


I wish I had popped in to see her that last morning I was there. I was there while Seamus was at school, but we waited in the dining room. The nurses thought that maybe she was holding on while we were in the room and would let go if we left. Nope. Didn’t happen. Should’ve given her one last squeeze, kiss on the cheek.

Newfield House is amazing. I’m so glad she was there these last few months. Cranberry Hospice is equally amazing. The care they provide is top notch. Every aspect of life is part of the program (physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual) and every person involved is cared for. My mom died comfortably and with love and dignity (COPD can be an awful, painful, very scary way to die).

Things I’ve been reminded of:
•life is too damn short
•love big
•give hugs
•don’t fight over stupid crap
•family is important
•friends are the family you choose (I have done well I must say) ☺️

My sister was telling me that she has been told my family has a way of rallying during times of well, great sorrow. We don’t see each other all the time, but when something like this happens (this has happened far too many times in my short life) we seem to ooze out of the walls. Everyone comes and goes and we interact like we see each other everyday. This will go on for a while now too. We’ll see each other more often than usual.

A gentle reminder to try and spend time with your parents/grandparents. I know sometimes it can be tough and not what you always want to be doing, but some elderly are so lonely. Even a quick call can make their day. I did a better job when my mom could come to me. I never minded when she was here puttering around, playing with kids, helping me with laundry and dishes all the time. I saw her everyday almost. Since she was at the home, not so much. Lots of reasons (excuses): my kiddos all together overwhelmed her (really?! How is that possible?), we are so busy with sports, someone is always sick. Anyways, I’m just sayin I wish I saw her more at the end.

So, sending you all a big hug and a reminder that if you smoke, PLEASE STOP. You have no idea the suffering you and your families will endure. It’s tough, but you can do it! You have to.

I adore this picture of my mama. It was only a few short weeks ago. She looks so happy (even without her teeth…remember they got misplaced by the nursing home) and so cute. I love it. ❤️

Here’s To 2015!

I haven’t really thought about New Years resolutions. Peter says we aren’t doing them. Try your best everyday and that’s it. Move on. Ok.

Every time I get new stuff (Peter got me new workout clothes…mine are gross and much needs to be tossed) this is how it goes…sits in a pile with the tags on forever! I don’t like to mix it in with my old clothes, but I don’t want to wear it or take the tags off. It’s too new, not the right day, it’ll get dirty…I have a million excuses. Although this year I have done better. I’ve worn a couple shirts and a pair of pants already. Baby steps.

Dallas a a few friends over today to celebrate his birthday. I put these on with my music turned up and couldn’t hear anything! It was awesome. It didn’t last long, but this could be a new thing for me. I have so much trouble with the noise level in my house…I could take a time out.


Can you stand it? WAY overdue, but this guy is 4 months old! A whopping 16.4 pounds and 27.5″ in length. Apparently, he’s skinny for his height. I have never heard that about any of my babes. He’s such a great baby he makes me want more. I am gushing with love and happiness these days. Even when days are tough.