News Flash! Snow is coming!

Awesome. Just awesome.

I need trash bags and I was thinking the other day how I always stay clear of black trash bags. They make me feel like a criminal. Everything you don’t want people to see gets put in black trash bags. Like…just kidding! Anyways, I won’t use them. Ever.

I saw this and thought it was so funny. So true for your first baby, for your fourth, not so much. “Oh, excuse me. Can you hold my baby for 5 minutes while I get my eyebrows waxed?” This may or may not have happened.

My little porcelain doll at the gym the other day. Yes, still sports the Christmas tree hat now and again.

Seamy boy working hard on his Valentine box for school. You think he’d be freezing, but he’s always like this…they all are.

I did lots of cooking Saturday afternoon…I put Killian in charge of the banana bread. He did a great job!

I made these for breakfast today. During a snowstorm it’s all about the chow.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!


Ok, now time to stress out about losing power…


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