Day 25: Friends. Old and new. Near and far. Friends make life pretty damn awesome and WAY more manageable. I learn so much from my friends, laugh so much, hang out so much. We share our struggles, help each other out when we can, love each other’s kids (I truly believe it does take a village), laugh together. My life changed when I met friends Dallas’ 1st year of preschool. Before that I kind of felt on my own (I had my beloved, but he was at work all day). I didn’t have too many friends I hung out with regularly with kiddos. Once I met people in the same boat it was awesome! We can paddle up stream with 1 oar and a million kids together.

(I may have already done friends, but they are so important, so it’s ok to be grateful twice)

Almost There!

Day 24: I’m suddenly cranky right now. I got nuthin. #justthetruth

Today was great though. Gym, helped out at school, dropped off some food at the food pantry after school from the can drive at Cold Spring. We put Auggie in his bed for the first time tonight 😢, so far so good. Although, I hope he cries soon so we can snuggle.

This little bugger is 3 months old:



Day 25: Seamus Peter. My “baby” before the baby came along. Quirky, sweet, silly, funny, mischievous, bossy, loyal, loving, shy, my only boy that plays with toys (ever), very loving big brother, big trouble on occasion, loves school (who knew), picky eater, big helper, fits right in, I hope he never changes.





What do you do when you have a year off from hosting Thanksgiving?


Holidays Are Fast Approaching!

Day 22: Wonderful days FULL of family and friends. Gym, Thanksgiving Day parade, family and friends in and out, visit from a wonderful friend I don’t get to see enough, dinner with amazing people. Couldn’t be a much better day. Just couldn’t. (Sunday ended up the same. Friends, tons of boys all over the place. Loved it).


Day 23: Killian Fenway. This boy is INTENSE. He goes, goes, goes 24/7. He challenges me the most, but also has the most amazing heart. He’s super, super funny (which could definitely get him into trouble when he’s older). We probably butt heads so much because we are so similar. Both worriers, nervous nellies, better at writing than math….lol, get embarrassed easily. I try super hard not to get frustrated with him. He’s in the middle…not quite the oldest and not the youngest. I’m sure it’s hard in a house FULL of testosterone. I also get so many compliments from people about his kindness, politeness, great listening skills (say what?!). I’m just glad I can try and start over everyday. I’ve tried a no yelling campaign before and failed. Every. Damn. Time. By like 8 am. One day I will do it!

His Christmas letter to Santa: waterbed (do they even make those anymore?), have his name announced at a Patriots game at half time (what the?), a pet (going on year 6 of asking for a pet. I thought the chickens were enough).

On another note:
As part of my intention to stop being a lazy ass, I have been trying to hit the gym 4-5 times a week. I went today and did the following:

2 minutes of back squats @ 115#
2 minutes of burpee pull-ups
2 minutes rest
Do this set 3 times.

It was hard. My legs will be sore tomorrow.

Catching Up on Gratitude :)

Ughhh this week is a befuddled mess! My whole schedule thrown off schedule because it’s National Education Week so we’ve been invited into the kids classrooms this week. Monday and Thursday for Seamus, Monday for Dallas and Thursday for Killian. I also finally scheduled a time for NSTAR to come out and check the gas pipes that run into my house. They send me all these letters blah blah blah. It takes like less than 5 minutes for them to check what they need to and they give me a FOUR HOUR WINDOW! Craziness! My food shopping and workout schedule is all a mess. I keep telling myself to embrace the change. I did just say yesterday that change is good and necessary.

Day 19: Thank the good Lord for our Dallas Truman. He is kind, considerate, loving, cares about everyone and their feelings. Knows the words to every song, can dance, is a mean football player, tries his butt off in baseball, is amazing at math, not so much at reading (but that’s ok), loves his momma and daddy and baby brothers (most of the time…in between punches).

Day 20 (I’m so behind!): my mother-in-law. She’s loved me since the day she met me. She taught me to cook (she’s amazing. Would definitely win Chopped or Beat Bobby Flay. Also never got mad at me when I would call her no less than 500 times when I was making something. My first Thanksgiving we literally mapped out step by step and I still called her!), sew (I can’t really remember now), what a big deal Christmas was like (mines alway been low key) and many other essential life things. 😊

Day 21: This here blog. I can write out my frustrations, happiness, sadness…gratitude. It’s a stress reliever. I am so, so happy when I get nice little texts or messages from people who read it and have something to share. It makes me happy.

Oh, oh! Very eternally grateful for my sweet friend Eva who I mentioned writing a blog to. Next thing you know…she texted me. “It’s all set up! Ready to go…now get after it!” LOVE her!!

Seamus is learning UNO at school so wants to play. Love these little things Santa brought to hold little people’s cards for them.


Change is Hard, Sleep is Easy

Day 17: Change. Change is scary, but so good for us. Change happens all the time in every area of life and, although can cause some worry, usually it ends up working itself out and being better off for us in the end. We got a new principal at Cold Spring and were, of course, worried about how she would be with our little school (which I am also so thankful for…it’s such a little school so as parents it’s nice to know all your kids peers parents and the teachers), but so far so good! She’s so open and excited to do new fun things for the children. Our PTA has also had some change in leadership, but along with that, a huge increase in attendance to meetings, volunteers and awesome stuff lined up for our little neighborhood school! Love that.

Day 18: Sleep. I love it. I love to get in my bed and finally relax at the end of the day. Also love when my boys are asleep, it’s the ONLY time my house is quiet.


So I went for a hellacious run yesterday with my baby man. He slept the whole time. When I pulled in the driveway and peeked in the carriage this is what I saw. BEST way to end a crappy run.


Thankful for Jingle Bells, Crockpots and Grit!

Day 15: The day radio stations start playing Christmas music 24/7. I can drive around listening to happy music and drown out the boys in the back fighting and picking at each other…constantly.

Day 16: Crockpot. Seriously, has been my savior many days! Only problem is planning for it. Kinda gotta have an idea what you are going to throw in it to make sure you have the ingredients you need. I throw everything in there. I’ve even been putting my sweet potatoes or acorn squash in about 2 in the afternoon and they are done by dinner. I don’t have to remember to start them way before I cook dinner to make sure they are done along with the rest of my meal. Too many times we have either had to wait for the sweet potatoes to cook or eat them after the meal.

I *think* I’m done being lazy at the gym. I need to put forth more effort and try a little harder. I want to run the St. Patricks Day Half Marathon in March so I ran to the gym today, 2 miles, only stopped once to tie my sneaker (even though my head was screaming “Stop! Stop! Walk! You can’t breathe! Just for a minute!”). Today I was able to push through and get there in about 18 minutes. After that I did the following:


My coaches at the gym today were Peter and August. ☺️

12, 13, 14 (I’m finally caught up!)

Day 12: My super amazing, loving, generous, supportive, hottie husband Peter. So, I don’t usually say much about him on here, but the fact that I’m still married to him, still having babies with him, still get butterflies when I see him is a good sign. He’s an incredible daddy and friend, role model and life partner. I met him when I was 15 and wouldn’t change a thing. I have no regrets.


Day 13: Facebook. So great for so many reasons. Keep in touch with old friends and new friends. Share amazing pictures of your kids. Celebrate fun, exciting, happy things happening in people’s lives. Help people through the hard times or be there to lend an ear and help if you can. Help us find and share interesting things or stuff to do. I also hate it for so many reasons I won’t get into too much. People sometimes use it for all the wrong reasons (attention, hurt people’s feelings, be mean, or the best….”vaguebook”). I call bullshit.

Day 14: You know it…TRASH DAY and RECYCLE DAY. Put all the yuck out and Lombard’s comes by and “poof” it’s gone. Yessss.

Haven’t posted a pic of the growing boy in a bit. Here’s the beautiful beast drunk on breast milk. Lol