Happy New Year? Yes!

New Years Eve is a pain in the ass. You want to do something, but you got 4 kids…one of which is a baby. Don’t want to be out late because of the higher chance of drunk drivers. Don’t want to really stay home, but kinda do because you still want to get to the gym Thursday morning. Maybe have friends over Thursday for some food, but have to get food. Might be too much work for me. Can you hear my voice fluctuating while I write this? Good.

Killian. This is normal for him. Always has one sock on, one sock off. Isn’t it….interesting?

I called the Boy Scouts to come get my tree Saturday. I guess I will have to cancel as Killian decided it would be fun to saw the branches off and throw them behind the shed. Oookkkay.

My sister offered Dallas these elf slippers on Christmas. He kindly declined “No thanks, Lala. I won’t wear them”. He then reluctantly took them with my nudging and hasn’t taken them off! He loves them.

I’ve been to the gym 4 days in a row. Yay me! Yesterday was hard. I was happy with my 125# push press (haven’t done that in a while…my old max is 135), but I struggled with 75# push presses in the workout. Ah well, I’ll get back.

As many rounds as possible in 18 minutes:
15 box jumps
12 push presses 75#
9 toes to bar

I got 5 complete rounds plus 14.

Happy New Years Eve! Be Safe!



Our Afternoon Capers

The afternoon in the nation was an epic battle of… No, no it wasn’t. We came home from our dreamy ride through the streets of MarshVegas, Deluxbury and Kingston to the residuals of a successful Christmas (this means the house was still a mess!)

Peter threw the football to Dallas about 500 times in the back yard. Dallas is dead set on a career as a wide receiver in the NFL and asks Daddy to throw balls almost every waking second to him…

I cleaned while they played. As usual, I started a new project when my house needed tidying. I started cleaning out the non used wares in my cabinets. Why? Yes Why? I’ve got this hot mess of a living space and I’m creating more work for myself. Cuckoo, eh cuckoo…

Sunset, the boys come in, Killian comes home from a 1/2 day trip with a neighbor and their boys. Peter starts the dishes, laundry, picking up etc. Peter has a way with the boys in getting them to help that I just haven’t figured out yet. It might be fear or maybe Peter’s relentless ways of insisting they help.

I feel good about my cupboard purge. My house is clean again and we’ve been successful! But wait, it’s Sunday morning and as I sip my coffee and write my blog, I look around think to myself: “How the hell did this house become such a mess again!?”

You wouldn’t have a hard time convincing me that my boys wake up in the night and wreck the place like it’s their job… Why?! How?! Who else is in this boat with me?!

Anyways, I worked out this morning and did the following:
EMOM 30 minutes
Even minutes: row 10 calories
Odd minutes: 12 burpees

I ended up stopping at 20 minutes. Death was knocking.

Nursing problem. This was right after my shower. I had to change everything. Damn it!

Half The Day

The first half of our day has been uneventfully eventful. What? Peter bounced up as usual before the monsters awoke and he hit the gym early. While he was there, he harassed me via text relentlessly to make sure I made it to the gym. He knows I need it and loves me dearly, even though he knows I’ll be annoyed with the nagging.

So I made my way to the gym, got my WOD on (workout of the day) while Peter held Auggie. As soon as the music turned up and the barbells started dropping, Mr. August fell fast asleep.

Home, coffee, harass Peter about household chores, shower, eggs, more coffee, dreaded water intake…

Moving on to what are we doing today? I’d like Peter to hang blinds. He talks me into a dreamy ride up the south shore coupled with lunch at KKaties in Marshfield. He had me at dreamy

Onto KKaties, after we’re seated, Seamus goes to put his elbow on the table and misses. He falls to the ground like a drunken sailor and the laughs are rolling in as he cries, more from the shock of it.

The End

Part 2: the afternoon comes out tomorrow, if you’re lucky! Ha! As usual you are hanging on every word I write…#NOT

Oh! Oh! I am officially an 80 year old woman. I got what I thought was a sweater for Christmas, but turns out it’s a sleeping jacket. I love it. It’s soft, warm, has pockets for my tissues, shorter sleeves so they don’t get wet when washing dishes. All my old lady friends need one.


The Aftermath

Merry, Merry! Yesterday was a tough day for the Murphy’s. Killian has had an awful cold leading up to Christmas. Then, of course, Christmas Eve night he starts complaining of ear pain and by the time we get home he’s crying. Up many times through the night sobbing about his ears/head hurting. The medicine helps, but when it wears off…watch out! Then, Christmas morning he can barely function he’s hurting so much. He even throws up a couple times (once from gagging on Acetaminophen and another from a belly full of mucus). He’s had so much medicine and so little food over the last few days…it was just a disaster. I called around to the Urgent Cares to see if any were open to no avail. I ended up giving him some antibiotic I had at home and some of Seamus’ steroid ear drops. After that he slept and actually seemed better when he woke up. He definitely struggled through the day, but tried his very best to rally. I felt so bad. I took him to a Urgent Care this morning.

Murphy Nation at my sisters on Christmas Eve (hats are required…elf, santa, cowboy…it all works).


Silly string wars after a very special dinner of: fish sticks, papaki, horse radish, prunes, mashed potatoes, rye bread, sauerkraut, water, shot of Rock n’ Rye. The rules are: you MUST try everything, no getting up from the table once you are seated and fun hats are mandatory. I know it sounds like you might not like it, BUT this is a beautiful tradition from my sister’s wife’s family. It is so near and dear to her heart (and now ours) and will continue on for as long as any of us have anything to say about it. ❤️

These two are so similar in so many ways it's quite scary.

My brothers, sister and I…all in one place at the same time for 5 minutes. Unheard of.

My sweet boy in his forced Christmas pj’s. I can’t believe we got him to wear them. He would die if he knew his picture was on here. Shhhhh

The mess I am supposed to clean up today. Does your house look this bad?

My sister gave me these. She loves me.

Traditional holiday breakfast for me. Nate’s cheesecake. Should be on everyone’s bucket list to try before you die. If you like cheesecake…it’s AHMAZING!

Do you have one of those friends that you visit with and immediately feel better? One that tells you what you already know, just gives you that gentle reminder. They leave and you feel happy, relieved and at peace. Well, I saw one of these people yesterday. Just what I needed. 😊

I had big plans of wrapping everything up tonight. Dallas and Killian are at friends houses, Peter has hockey. I was ready to sip on eggnog (some amazing eggnog my super strong, knitting, kind, funny friend Cait made) and relax wrapping with no worries of being busted, but alas, Seamus took a power nap and will probably be up all night.


We went to La Sellette last night. It was nice. Boys enjoyed it too.


This little guy is 4 months old this week. 4 MONTHS?! I can’t believe it! I kinda hope I lose this feeling of wanting another baby once he starts being mobile. See, Peter would love more babes too so it’s not like I have anyone saying “NO WAY”. It’s more like “how about we start trying today?” 😉

Christmas card from my favorite trash service.

Tic tock

Days are flying by at light speed! Parties and get togethers, gifts to buy, sick kiddos, football banquets, doctor appointments and keeping up with the regular gym schedule as best we can is tough these days!

My main squeezes. Killian has been making me laugh so much lately. He found a shower cap the other day (I bought when we had the big lice outbreak) and he was so enthralled by it. Wore it in the shower and everything and then turned it into a chef hat and had us all laughing. I wish I got a picture.

The boys individual pictures we had taken at the mini session. Yup, all mine!

A few pictures from Patti’s fantastic little ones Christmas party. Don’t know how she does it, but she does. Every. Time.

My brother and sister-in-law took the boys to see my mom. She was so happy (this is her happy face). Unfortunately, these days she is also partially toothless. Sadly, someone threw her teeth away by mistake and there’s no sense in putting her through the misery of trying to get new ones. Poor thing.

Attempted little banana breads for the teachers the other night. I’ve never used these little things so clearlyI overfilled them. #fail. I did still give them to teachers though and explained that, although quite ugly in the outside, they will be delicious. Cross my heart.

Made this little gem tonight. Well, I hope it’s a gem. Christmas sangria. Can’t wait to dent it tomorrow night.


S L A C K I N G. I haven’t been good about blogging and I know your all just on the edge of your seats waiting for me to catch you up. Lol. Is there anyone even out there? So I’ll just catch you up while Dallas and I sit here and he watches #Undrafted.

SO, Seamus is super concerned about Elf on the Shelf. He saw Patti’s all taped up by some army guys and Batman and is now freaking that his toys come alive at night. No worries though, Brody locked these guys up in a mason jar with the cover on very right and took them to Nannies, never to return. 😁

Killian came home from school bummed because they are on the gymnastics unit in gym (Peter and I think this is awesome) and next week he has to show a skill to the class and proceeded to stand on his head in the kitchen for 44 seconds. BOOM!

…and again in the living room when Peter got home.

This boy’s intensity is over the top 24/7 which is usually manageable when it’s summer or spring or fall or when he’s playing football or baseball. It is NOT manageable when it’s dark early and it’s raining buckets and we’re stuck inside. It’s very difficult.

August had a big day today. He rolled over (bittersweet…my babe is getting so big) and he heard the rain. I was nursing him after food shopping (the bonus of going to MB in the pouring rain..the store was empty. Woot!) and he would just stop and look out the window. It was so sweet. I can’t handle him.