Football Season Coming to an End :(

Every picture Seamus draws now is football. He’s obsessed, even though he still wears (and expects his friends to wear) baseball pants 24/7. Football season is almost over. He (and we) are going to be bummed for a while…WHAT are we going to do every night?

Speaking of football…Killian’s team went 8-0 this season, but they don’t do playoffs at their level and Dallas’ team went 7-1 to be Division Champs. Playoffs start this week. If we play at home, come cheer on the Mighty Vikings 🙂

Twins day at school on a Friday. These two were so cute.

My brother, Sean and his wife, Ginnie took the boys to URI for a football game this weekend then to Roger Williams Zoo for the pumpkin thing. They had a blast. Making memories…love that.

Wait until you see this:


Yes I am serious. I have no words.


Halloween Problems


Sweet little man is 2 months old. He weighs a whopping 13.9 pounds and is
25″ tall. He was sooooo good at his appointment. Usually, he cries when he’s naked, but not yesterday. He smiled and cooed…must’ve been trying to woo Dr. Johnston or the nurses to avoid shots. Didn’t work, but then he barely even cried for shots, just kind of whimpered a bit. Poor babe.

I hate to reveal his Halloween costume so early, but I can’t help it.

This rain is so nice while the kids are in school, but once they get home…forget it. I bought Killian a pumpkin so he could paint it for the Poems & Pumpkins contest at school. He loves carving pumpkins so I thought he’d love to paint one and it would give him something to do. Done and done. Ahhh, no. He was upset everytime something didn’t come out as he expected and had a total breakdown at one point. It was awful for a while, until Dad came home and fixed it all as usual. I think it came out good. Who’s not scared of clowns?

My sister stopped by Wednesday and made Seamus a big bowl of “blood”. She also gave him a bunch of stuff to play the part of EMT for Halloween. He’s been playing with it ever since. He’s so funny. He even cleans up when he spills or whatever so I won’t get upset and throw his “blood” away.

Peter brought this home for me yesterday..goes along with me trying to find balance. Lucky for all of us, everyday is new and we can start over.

Mommy’s Balancing Act

Boom sauce!

Yesterday was Patti’s annual Halloween party for the littles. This was my designated snack. Patti finds these on Pinterest then sends them out. Anything for Patti. We were talking yesterday about how this will be Seamus’ last holiday get together :(. We were also talking about how in the years to come it will be the three of us (me, Kerin and Patti) taking August on our annual Bog Hollow trip. You think I’m kidding…these girls love Auggie almost as much as me.

I’m having some trouble with this lately. I feel unbalanced. It’s so hard to stay on the level. For example, I could do house chores everyday, all day. Constantly cleaning and organizing trying like hell to get my house to the way I want it. Sometimes, I have to catch myself and remember to stop and take Seamus out to play with friends or scoot over to Nook road with friends after school to hit some baseballs or sit down for 10 minutes and snuggle my little nugget and enjoy his smiles and baby talk or have coffee with a friend I haven’t seen in a bit. Same goes with food, friendships, family….gotta find the balance that works for you which, sometimes, can mean making hard choices, but will be better off for you in the end. Sucks, but #truth.

This little man had his 2 month appt. stay tuned for details and pictures. I know you’re all dying to know his height and weight.

Take It Or a Leave It

“Hi. My name is Dallas Murphy and I am a wide receiver”. So cute I can’t stand it.

Carved pumpkins on Saturday and this boy was soooo into it. Carving pumpkins in his practice clothes from football. Told him to change…”ain’t got no time for dat”. He carved his own then finished up everyone else’s or added to them. He’s pretty special.


Big pink weekend for football this weekend. Kids get so into this it’s awesome! Also, boys played their game for the “sister” on their team, who had to have unexpected brain surgery this past week and won’t be able to finish out the season. She’s tough as nails and was at the game today on the sidelines with her boys and all the moms crying on the sidelines…GO #42!

So, I have a bunch of these funny things on my phone that I would love to occasionally post, but you know how Facebook is…someone I met once 3 years ago will think it’s directed at them (I am that person too) lol so I’ll share them here. It’s my safe zone.

Right?! It is good advice. Carry on.

Weeks Are Flying By

I can’t believe how fast the weeks have flown by since August was born. Every time I even think about what day it is it’s already Thursday! I can’t believe it. When Dallas was born everyday dragged. I cried until my sister came over on her lunch break to hold him for an hour then I watched the clock until Peter got home. NOW, it’s noon before I know it and I have a million things to do between 12 and 3:15 when I leave I go get the kids. Throw trying to plan dinner in there, a perfect baby that does need occasional attention and a 5 year old that I adore, but also drives me batty (all he talked about today, for example, about what he’s wearing to football practice tomorrow and he wanted me to call Brody and give him the line up) and I’m doomed. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Like yesterday, it took Kenda and I an hour to figure out if it was a recycling day. Lombards comes every other week and it seemed like just last week we were talking about how late they had come that day THEN came to realize that was 2 weeks ago. How’d that happen?

Went to the gym yesterday. We did a partner workout: 450 reps of double unders and sit ups split between us. One person works at a time and when one person is working the other holds a 53# kettle bell (35# in my case). I think it took us around 26:56. Sit ups were SO hard for me! Needless to say, I am sore today.

Moving on to day 5 of eating clean. I had a cheat at dinner yesterday. We went to Kkaties and I had a beer and a salad that had blue cheese on it. Otherwise, I’ve been good and compared to what I was eating…I’m in good shape. I’m not even miserable like I would expect to be at this point. My body must be thanking me.

Took some of my besties to get pumpkins this afternoon.

Getting older, Getting better (right?!)

Last week was a BIG deal for me in the cooking world. I found out something that has changed my life forever!

Why on earth didn’t I realize you can cook sweet potatoes in the crockpot, acorn squash in the crockpot (with a little water), spaghetti squash in the microwave?! All these things have made my life worlds easier.

I’m back at the gym at least 3 days a week I hope. I am also on day 3 of eating clean. It’s SOOO hard! I hit bottom on Saturday/Sunday when I ate half a cheesecake and some of Killian’s birthday cake. I have been eating really bad since last winter. I can’t take it anymore. I gotta get some control over myself.

Today is my favorite guys birthday! My sweet, hardworking husband hit the big 38…6 months after me. He’s feeling bummed he’s so old, but like he says to me…age is just a silly number. I need to find more friends older than me. So many of my buddies are babies and I’m like the old mother hen, but I could still kick all their asses (wink, wink).


Seamus asked last night if we could weigh him (he meant measure) on the wall. We have a wall in the kitchen where we periodically record the boys growth. Dallas is almost as tall as me…say 2 1/4 more inches? He’ll be towering over me by age 12. Crazy.

Killian is 9!

I woke up at 7:18 Friday which is faaar to late for me to get it all together, get 3 kids to school and get straight to Market Basket. Mr. August wasn’t ready to get up so I popped him in bed with Dallas who was working on his reading. I love the way Auggie Doggie is looking at him.

Oh boy…Kerin had this little gem made for August by Knits McFadden. So perfect. Yes, it’s a barbell. Never goes out of style. 🙂

Yesterday was our Killian’s birthday. For once, I actually had his party planned for his birthday and was ready to go. Big two hand touch football game planned for after practice. Hot dogs, chips, juice boxes for lunch…cake I got at Hannaford’s, ice cream, goody bags, decorations…check, check and double check. Then the friggin rain came rolling in and I had to cancel. This was exceptionally bad…Killian was very disappointed. I love him fiercely, but he’s never happy. This didn’t help, but I guess I don’t blame him. He still had practice so I brought his cake and ice cream and his buddies celebrated with him after practice then Peter took he and Drew to lunch and to Dave & Busters. He still came home squaking about a bike and this and that. Ingrate.

New kickball courtesy of Lala and Donna. Cheesecake (best in the land) and glasses courtesy of Nate, Kristen and Shay. Seahawks jersey courtesy of the Clements.

Killian hates when people sing happy bday (so he says) so he acted like a conductor when his team sang to him. I think he secretly loved every minute of it and maybe smiled once or twice.

Football all day Sunday as usual. Started off in Attelboro with the D team. They won and so moved into 1st place. Stellar work boys! Then on to Brockton to watch our Mighty Mites play and win! Their record is now 6-0. At least these long days of football usually end up with wins and happy kids so that makes it much easier!