Loooong Weekend 

 It’s been a rough couple days for my Gusty (cute, eh? Peter called him that the other day and I like it). He didn’t sleep much for 2 nights so I finally decided to take him to the doctors before the long weekend. The first boy is at the doctors for everything and, by the last, I put it off as long as possible.   

I held him for 2 or 3 nights…naps and all. It was the only way he’d sleep. 


Torture. He cried the whole way home from the docs in Hanover. “Mmmm-mum-mum” was all I heard :(.


Trapped again. Every time I tried to lay him down he’d freak. His ear must’ve been hurting.


Big baseball tournament for 9U this weekend. They slaughtered the first three teams they played and then got slaughtered in the semi-finals. A few errors in the last game…good learning experience. I tried to tell Killian you have to lose once in a while to appreciate the wins. 😀 

Seamus was soooooo good all weekend. He even sat (holy sh@t! Yes, he sat) and watched/cheered for Killian’s team. 

||Side Note: we need to work on posture.||


This guy was awesome too. Borrowed this Go•pod for Sunday’s game. It was a big help! 

I brought chalk on Sunday so we could keep a tally on the score. Genius, right?! Ha.    


Auggie is a big hit with the kids. Everyone comes to see him after the games. 😘  


The 9 am class today, Memorial Day. We all c-c-c-crushed Murph (1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run). I finished in 57 minutes and something. Not a personal best for me…next time.  

…..and Peter took my beloved to trade her in. I need more room having 4 boys and baseball/football equipment, friends, strollers, groceries. It also smells like someone died in there so it’s time to trade her in. It’s a sad day. I’m getting a minivan and I have a bob haircut, what the hell happened to me? Oh yeah and give me any shit about driving a minivan and I’ll blast you in the grill piece. 👊🏻 Carry On.


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