Two Weeks Jammed into One Post

9:30 at night on a Monday…I am currently still trying to get the baby to sleep, Peter is putting sheets on our bed, he just shaved Killians head, Seamus wants to know where his milk is and show me for the 1,576,348 time what he wants for his birthday that passed weeks ago, we just finished dinner at 8:56 so I still have to clean that up, pack stuff for teacher appreciation day tomorrow, try and do a load of laundry so I don’t fall too far behind and I’m 39 tomorrow. Breathe baby, just breathe. 


Seamus’ first instructional game tonight. He did awesome. “He thinks he’ll do that again” were his exact words. He had so much fun. It’s nice we all went to his game tonight since he’s been to SO MANY of the other boys games. 

His good buddy Tyler let him wear his hat…it almost fits, mind you, Tyler is 12. ☺️

My little guy learned to crawl three weeks ago and is now zipping all over the place and stands up every chance he gets. I’m doomed. This was him at baseball on Sunday. I don’t know why I bother to put him on a blanket, he just crawls off and eats the grass anyways.  



 A few from Auggie’s baptism. That little boy holding the candle did such a great job. I kept reassuring him he was doing super and he wasn’t going to drop that candle on me or the little person right in front of him 😁. You know how when you try and concentrate and hold something really still it messes with you and you feel like you might drop it at any second? Yeah. 

The bottom picture is my brother and sister-in-law, his Godparents.
So that 👆🏻was last week…like last, last week. Here’s this week:

My birthday with these guys. Wouldn’t want it any other way. 


These two…partners in crime. Seamus is teaching him the ropes. “Scream while they drive. They love that.” 


This guy and his comb-over thinks he’s soooo cool standing up. Problem is, he has trouble sitting down from here so he just yells for help. 

Milo and family came to watch Seamy crush instructional baseball. 

Lost his first tooth ON the field tonight. How appropriate 😂

I’m sure you heard about the chair that Peter got so sick of the kids fighting over he threw on the patio at 8:30 at night and told me to get rid of it. I did. 



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