Seamy P: My Spring Baby

This guy is 6. My “baby” is 6! He is probably one of the most persistent people I’ve ever met. One day, this will benefit him. Right now, it just drives his parents NUTS. Happy Birthday my sweet guy!!


We had a birthday party dinner for him at our house and I managed to get 2, only 2 pictures, but good pictures if there is only going to be 2. The top is Pete, his dad and all our boys (I think the Murphy name will go on for many more years šŸ˜‚) and the bottom picture is Auggie’s Godmother, Ginnie. She’s in heaven here. 

This boy will be crawling any second. He drags himself around a little now, but he is so ready to crawl. He’s also finally started to eat a little food. I mean a little. He probably took 6 bites of baby oatmeal mixed with some apple/strawberry this morning. That’s HUGE for him.

Holy shnikes! This is a snapshot of my calendar for next weekend. Three boys, 5 teams….baseball, baseball, baseball. It’s insane! We had Seamy’s birthday last weekend and this weekend it is August’s baptism (finally. I swore I was going to get it done earlier this time, but time slipped away from me and before I knew it, it was February and they don’t do them during Lent, so here we are in April). 

I love this app. It’s called Cozi that another mom of many children (is 4 considered many these days?) told me about. It’s pretty cool. Everyone in the family has a colored dot so you can glance and see what people have something on any given day. You can also log in from anywhere so Peter and Dallas can get the app and see what’s going on. It also allows me to set the trash and recycling days #score.

  #auggiehasfriendstoo #playdates 

It’s school vacation week and I love it! No making lunches, getting up a little later, moving a little slower in the morning, lots of play dates and catching up with friends. So far it’s been a good week, but then again, it’s only Wednesday.  (“Stop being negative” -Peter) šŸ˜


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