Beautiful Baseball Boys, Easter and a Ranked CrossFit Mama!

These two 😍. I should just have them wear these for Easter. Best dressed they’ve been in some time. Lol.

 Good lawd help me! I just plugged in Dallas and Killian’s practice and game schedules for each of their 2 teams (4 teams total). Holy moly! It’s going to be a BUSY April and May. We still have the regular season schedule to plug in and then make room for Seamus. 😁


Made the collosal mistake of letting the boys put a basketball hoop up on the bathroom door downstairs. I thought it was loud before….


Last week on the nice day the boys decided to fly this huge tarp across the backyard like one of those parachute things when you’re little. You can’t see, but there are people under the tarp that is sailing over them. Pretty creative and a bit ghetto. 


Caption this. 

 Easter fun with friends. Seamus just loves when Patti makes him paint his face like a bunny. Too bad #itstherules


Most don’t care, but the CrossFit Open is over and this is where I ended up, 1,204 out of  11,280 in the North East region. Not bad for a tired old lady with 4 kiddos. Next year I’ll be in the Masters division because I’ll technically be 40 which I find to be pretty depressing. My life is whizzing by! 

Side note: I’m definitely not 5’3. What the hell was I thinking? 


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a glorious day doing what you do! 


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