Rice & Friends


#fridaynightlights at the gym during the CrossFit Open have been so fun. I love our people. 


Killian begged me to walk to school and pick him up last week so the littles and I rose to the occasion. It was nice. (Is that actually sun in Seamus’ eyes?? No way!)


Buggers first time sitting in the dirty shopping cart. He loved it! 


I just can’t even….stud muffin. 


How could I have forgotten? Auggie went to sleep on his own last night and then again today at nap time. I’m so proud of us!



I met some of my Viking friends out Saturday night at the last stop on their pub crawl. It was my once a year evening out. I’ve come to the realization that I shouldn’t really drink anymore. I had 3 beers and water. I felt like garbage Sunday morning. My stomach just felt so rotten. Something in beer just doesn’t agree with my body and it’s no fun trying to recover,  especially when you have FOUR kiddos…boys at that! 


Every Monday for the past few weeks I make a double batch of white sticky rice in my rice cooker.  I use it as a snack for my boys bottomless pit stomachs. They are always hungry…it’s unbelievable. “Have some rice” I say. On the upswing, it is delicious…so delicious. Stop over for a bowl anytime. ❤️🏠


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