Big Changes For My Littelest Guy

BIG week for my soon-to-be 7 month old last week. He started eating some pouchy food (mostly applesauce…I’m not pushing it), sleeping better everyday and, as of Friday, sitting up unassisted. The picture up there was one night where I was able to lay him down and sit outside his crib and he went to sleep. I also discovered he sleeps much better swaddled with one arm left out. He’s up to 4 hour stretches…I’m so proud of him!  ||Update: August slept 8-7 Tuesday night with only 1 feeding at 2 am. He’s amazing! ||

Took this bunch for a walk Sunday afternoon. We HAD to get outside…snow or no snow. We literally just went around the block. Seamus lagged behind and complained about how much his legs hurt the entire time. 

One of Killian’s favorite activities is hunting for leprechauns. He finds them mysterious and interesting. St. Paddys day is fun around here: traps, corned beef with all the fixings and a Guiness of course, cute little outfits and chatter about leprechauns. Oh yeah, and Killian has decided he wants to learn Portuguese so he can surprise some of his friends in class. So far we’ve mastered “good morning” and “hi! How are you?” He’s got such a big heart ❤️…sometimes


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