The Bug Sets Sail

My littlest guy. The one I thought was spared…threw up in his crib a Monday night. Peter says it was a “ton” couldn’t believe it. Poor guy. Sadly, for me, it was also all over my sleeping jacket I had in there with him. I am trying to get him to occasionally sleep in there so I put something that smells like me (b.o.) in there with him. It’s just not right or fair. Lol

This was an hour or so before the above mentioned incident. Little buggy is big enough to take a tubby in the sink. He loves it. Splashes like crazy. I tried to crop the beer bottle, brownies and mess out in the back, but wasn’t happening. Hey, it’s Monday(?).

These two got along for 5 minutes yesterday. It was awesome. Then Killian farted and it all went South. 

Went to a friend’s and made this fun playdough over the weekend. Killian loved it and Seamus loved playing with their little guy for a couple hours. It was a fun couple of hours. I like visits like that 🙂

THIS guy finally had his 6 month check up. Nineteen pounds and 2’5″ tall. Big squishy boy 👶


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