Missing Mama and More Barf

I found this shifting through papers today. You know moving a stack from one spot to another over and over again. A stack you know you really won’t EVER need, but keep just in case. My mom was always a big card sender. She would often send cards to the boys meant for the love of your life, but I guess the boys were the love of her life after Dad died. She sent this near the end. Her handwriting is shaky. It was long after football season had ended. She congratulates him on his touchdowns, apologizes for her writing and ends with “hope to get better soon”.  Always hoping to be able to breath easy so she could come over and play Candyland with Seamus, snuggle her newest grandbaby and help me with laundry and dishes. I miss her puttering around my house. Bummer. 

Seamus, Killian and I got sacked by the stomach bug Tuesday. It was rough. Peter is the last mam standing…thank goodness. Seamus and I just get the puking over with. Killian rolls around moaning all night until it forces its way out. I feel like if he just went and stood at the toilet hours ago it would be over and done with. 

The picture up there is Killian Wednesday afternoon.  Any idea how exhausted this boy has to be to sleep during the day? Unheard of.  

Wow. I’m a bucket of good cheer today. Something great did happen: we all woke up relatively healthy and I discovered the show Donnie L❤️ves Jennie. They are so cute. Seriously.


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