My Worst Nightmare

I hate, detest, loathe throw up. It causes me great anxiety. When it’s coming, who is next. So imagine my HORROR when after a 5 hour ride to Vermont, Dallas throws up. I chalked it up to car sickness because he sat in the way back the entire ride. Then when he preceded to puke 17,000 other times…I guess he had the stomach bug. What’s worse? Oh yeah, we were in Vermont, staying with friends! Thankfully, they are all some of the best people we’ve met and didn’t seem to care that our kiddo was puking for like 48 hours straight ….we’ll see what happens if they all end up sick 😁.

He spent most of the weekend like this, although, he did rally for the indoor water park (The Pump House) for about an hour and a short trip out to try snowboarding. I felt so bad. He had looked forward to the weekend more than anyone. The rest of us still had a spectacular time regardless.

Our friend’s mom taught Killian how to ski…he killed it. She was going to keep him on the learning hill, but when we went out to watch we couldn’t find him…they had gone to the lift he was doing so well. So proud of him!

Our ride home. Was nice…Dallas was feeling so much better (we let him sit in front just in case).

Believe it or not, this boy is out cold. Sleeps with eyes open…weird, or something you gotta do when you have 3 brothers. Hehe.


Only a little mess to clean up.

Overall, we had a great school break. Lots of friends over, sleepovers, baseball and baby snuggles.


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