Star Struck With a Big Side of Snow

We went to the ECC last weekend. It’s a big CrossFit competition at the Seaport in Boston. It was crazy. There was tons of the fittest people on earth there (insert eye roll). It was so cool to see them at such a small venue just hanging around with us normal folk. Funny how all these people are so “famous” to me, but to most of the people I know…no one knows who they are. Two big highlights: I saw and got my picture with Heather Bergeron. She writes a blog I love, is co-owner of CrossFit New England, has 4 kiddos like me (one of which is only 2 months older than August) and has been to the Games. I also saw Rich Froning’s wife (I follow her on Instagram)
a few times with their baby Lakelyn that they adopted. I wish I got my picture with her, but I get nervous these people will think I’m crazy.

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Crazy snowstorm. Soooo happy we didn’t lose power. That’s the kind of storm I can deal with. Tucked in my house with my family, food, heat and stuff to keep the boys occupied. The big boys were outside playing most of the day Tuesday with Peter who was trying to keep up with the snow. After removing the 5 foot snowbank in front of the garage he cleared our driveway (which is pretty big) 3 times or so with zero help from our neighbor that we share the driveway with 😠, but that’s nothing new. I didn’t step foot outside that day, after all, someone had to watch the baby 😜.

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Look at that squat. Functional fitness. The end.



Little bit if sledding the last two days.

This boy. He’s been a little cranky the last two days. Nothing crazy, but I’m so used to him being so insanely easy that any fussiness is…annoying. I managed to get and hour or so in at the gym. This was how we worked out. August seemed to enjoy watching. This is Kerin finishing up Isabel (30 Snatches for time at 95#). I did 75# and finished in 3:33.

I need to start making an effort to do my hair and put some make up on now and again. Yikes.

Everyone loves the baby. He’s getting so big too fast.


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