Little Brothers With a Visit to the Cemetary?


These two…😍 I am SO, SO grateful all my boys love Auggie so much. It could’ve gone either way, especially with Seamus, thank the good Lord it went this way. That being said, I never get a chance to hold my baby for more than 5 minutes at a time. Ever.

Interesting day the other day, I guess. My brother and I went to pick out a plot for my mom, dad and one of my brothers ashes today. There wasn’t many spots left at this particular place so it looks like it will be here, to the left of the cross. While there I saw the head stone of a friend I went to high school with, so sad. Made me think of his wife and babies. Again, life is too short. I can’t believe at the end of this journey we die. Ugh.

ANYWAYS, my dryer stopped working today so now every square inch of my house is covered in wet clothes. The good news is…Kerin and I took it apart and found the source of the problem. I ordered a new belt and will hopefully have the dryer up and running today. All I needed was Maryellen to tell me it was probably just a belt and I could follow YouTube videos and fix it myself. Yes, I can! Kerin and I will be available for side jobs if this works out. Watch out world! 😂


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