Those Are MY Socks!!

Driving to the grocery store today thinking about my little lady and thought “I should call her”. Oh, yeah. I can’t. šŸ˜¦

That’s Killian in the coat closet. #littlehouseproblems

I caught a quick glimpse of Peter’s socks this morning and THEY ARE MINE! My purple tall socks that I love. He better not have stretched them out!!

Killian got to go ice skating today (he loves it!). I need to get him some skates and get him on the ice more.

Speaking of Killian…he’s learned how to use the audio record. So now instead of texting me he sends those. Constantly.

Took the boys to Forges yesterday to get some energy out and brought this nice warm lemon loaf with me to share with my friends. I didn’t do the glaze (no confectionary sugar in this house), but it was still so yummy. It’s on the menu for next time friends come for coffee…with glaze.

Auggie fell in love with this giraffe over the last few days. So cute.


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