Lunch Woes

Someone in my family is difficult when it comes to lunch. I’ve been struggling for 3 years now to pack him food he’ll eat. We’ve done: p,b&j, salami, pepperoni, yogurt, blt’s, fruit, cheese, cold chicken nuggets. He has a problem with everything. His lunch usually ends up as a bit of this and a bit of that. A rather large variety (pain in the butt). He mentioned a thermos to me in December so he got one for Christmas and has now brought meatballs 5 days in a row and is extremely pleased. They even stay hot! I’ve figured out 1.5 minutes in the microwave is perfect for 7 small meatballs (2 minutes is too much). I hope this is the game changer I’ve been looking for.

Dallas brought ham and mustard for probably the first 2.5 years and has now brought p,b&j for the last 2.5. Everyday. No complaining. So weird how kiddos from the same family can be so different. I guess I always wanted it that way so I’m happy.

Two good friends (Patti and Kerin) made the kids dinner and dessert Wednesday night so I didn’t have to. Taco bar! Yum. I had some too. It was delish. Thank you friends!

My little bug is still grocery shopping like a champ. Every week since maybe 3 weeks this is how we shop. He never makes a peep. Drifts off to sleep, wakes up. Again, he’s amazing.

Today would’ve been my parents 60th wedding anniversary. That is all.


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