Stand In Front of the Camera (sometimes)

Ok I’ve learned that I need to start taking pictures with people. I have a few pictures of my mom and the boys, but not many of she and I. This is a nudge to get all of you out there to start taking pictures with those you love.

Took all 3 boys to get haircuts Monday at the same time. Crazy? Maybe, but it had to be done.

Speaking of hair…I’ve been looking for pics my mom and noticed my hair is a different color in every picture. I’ve also realized I am so much like her it’s a bit unsettling. I’m working on not being SO stubborn. If you see me sticking my heels in and not budging give me a gentle nudge. Thanks.


This was after my little lady’s memorial service. It was such a great celebration of her life. So many warm hugs and happy memories. She was well loved and that fills my heart.


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