Here’s To 2015!

I haven’t really thought about New Years resolutions. Peter says we aren’t doing them. Try your best everyday and that’s it. Move on. Ok.

Every time I get new stuff (Peter got me new workout clothes…mine are gross and much needs to be tossed) this is how it goes…sits in a pile with the tags on forever! I don’t like to mix it in with my old clothes, but I don’t want to wear it or take the tags off. It’s too new, not the right day, it’ll get dirty…I have a million excuses. Although this year I have done better. I’ve worn a couple shirts and a pair of pants already. Baby steps.

Dallas a a few friends over today to celebrate his birthday. I put these on with my music turned up and couldn’t hear anything! It was awesome. It didn’t last long, but this could be a new thing for me. I have so much trouble with the noise level in my house…I could take a time out.


Can you stand it? WAY overdue, but this guy is 4 months old! A whopping 16.4 pounds and 27.5″ in length. Apparently, he’s skinny for his height. I have never heard that about any of my babes. He’s such a great baby he makes me want more. I am gushing with love and happiness these days. Even when days are tough.


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