All About Food (trying to think of a title and noticed this one is all about food)

Here we are 2015. It’s gonna be a great year, I can feel it!

Started the year off right at the gym and then out to breakfast with some of our friends. While waiting for a table I found out T-Bones makes beef jerky and you order it by the piece. It’s like $2 for one. It’s SOOO good. I foresee the kids begging me to stop for beef jerky all the time. I’m in.


Peter doesn’t cook anything except eggs (which he is very good at I may add). He recently taught Killian to make eggs so now it’s all Killian wants to do. At least he can help more with the morning routine now. 🐣

We had my sister and DK over for dinner today. Good luck meal of pulled pork, homemade baked beans and coleslaw. It was delish. Spent some time after dinner hanging with this boy. He’s such a snuggler. I’m creating a monster though…he has been crying when I try and put him in his bed the last coupla days. I know better, but he’s so cuddly.


My sister brought these over. I wish she never did. It’s going to be something I dream about. So delicious! Thin, crispy, sweet…tastes like Anise. I can’t get enough. I’m so gross.


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