Our Afternoon Capers

The afternoon in the nation was an epic battle of… No, no it wasn’t. We came home from our dreamy ride through the streets of MarshVegas, Deluxbury and Kingston to the residuals of a successful Christmas (this means the house was still a mess!)

Peter threw the football to Dallas about 500 times in the back yard. Dallas is dead set on a career as a wide receiver in the NFL and asks Daddy to throw balls almost every waking second to him…

I cleaned while they played. As usual, I started a new project when my house needed tidying. I started cleaning out the non used wares in my cabinets. Why? Yes Why? I’ve got this hot mess of a living space and I’m creating more work for myself. Cuckoo, eh cuckoo…

Sunset, the boys come in, Killian comes home from a 1/2 day trip with a neighbor and their boys. Peter starts the dishes, laundry, picking up etc. Peter has a way with the boys in getting them to help that I just haven’t figured out yet. It might be fear or maybe Peter’s relentless ways of insisting they help.

I feel good about my cupboard purge. My house is clean again and we’ve been successful! But wait, it’s Sunday morning and as I sip my coffee and write my blog, I look around think to myself: “How the hell did this house become such a mess again!?”

You wouldn’t have a hard time convincing me that my boys wake up in the night and wreck the place like it’s their job… Why?! How?! Who else is in this boat with me?!

Anyways, I worked out this morning and did the following:
EMOM 30 minutes
Even minutes: row 10 calories
Odd minutes: 12 burpees

I ended up stopping at 20 minutes. Death was knocking.

Nursing problem. This was right after my shower. I had to change everything. Damn it!


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