The Aftermath

Merry, Merry! Yesterday was a tough day for the Murphy’s. Killian has had an awful cold leading up to Christmas. Then, of course, Christmas Eve night he starts complaining of ear pain and by the time we get home he’s crying. Up many times through the night sobbing about his ears/head hurting. The medicine helps, but when it wears off…watch out! Then, Christmas morning he can barely function he’s hurting so much. He even throws up a couple times (once from gagging on Acetaminophen and another from a belly full of mucus). He’s had so much medicine and so little food over the last few days…it was just a disaster. I called around to the Urgent Cares to see if any were open to no avail. I ended up giving him some antibiotic I had at home and some of Seamus’ steroid ear drops. After that he slept and actually seemed better when he woke up. He definitely struggled through the day, but tried his very best to rally. I felt so bad. I took him to a Urgent Care this morning.

Murphy Nation at my sisters on Christmas Eve (hats are required…elf, santa, cowboy…it all works).


Silly string wars after a very special dinner of: fish sticks, papaki, horse radish, prunes, mashed potatoes, rye bread, sauerkraut, water, shot of Rock n’ Rye. The rules are: you MUST try everything, no getting up from the table once you are seated and fun hats are mandatory. I know it sounds like you might not like it, BUT this is a beautiful tradition from my sister’s wife’s family. It is so near and dear to her heart (and now ours) and will continue on for as long as any of us have anything to say about it. ❤️

These two are so similar in so many ways it's quite scary.

My brothers, sister and I…all in one place at the same time for 5 minutes. Unheard of.

My sweet boy in his forced Christmas pj’s. I can’t believe we got him to wear them. He would die if he knew his picture was on here. Shhhhh

The mess I am supposed to clean up today. Does your house look this bad?

My sister gave me these. She loves me.

Traditional holiday breakfast for me. Nate’s cheesecake. Should be on everyone’s bucket list to try before you die. If you like cheesecake…it’s AHMAZING!


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