Half The Day

The first half of our day has been uneventfully eventful. What? Peter bounced up as usual before the monsters awoke and he hit the gym early. While he was there, he harassed me via text relentlessly to make sure I made it to the gym. He knows I need it and loves me dearly, even though he knows I’ll be annoyed with the nagging.

So I made my way to the gym, got my WOD on (workout of the day) while Peter held Auggie. As soon as the music turned up and the barbells started dropping, Mr. August fell fast asleep.

Home, coffee, harass Peter about household chores, shower, eggs, more coffee, dreaded water intake…

Moving on to what are we doing today? I’d like Peter to hang blinds. He talks me into a dreamy ride up the south shore coupled with lunch at KKaties in Marshfield. He had me at dreamy

Onto KKaties, after we’re seated, Seamus goes to put his elbow on the table and misses. He falls to the ground like a drunken sailor and the laughs are rolling in as he cries, more from the shock of it.

The End

Part 2: the afternoon comes out tomorrow, if you’re lucky! Ha! As usual you are hanging on every word I write…#NOT

Oh! Oh! I am officially an 80 year old woman. I got what I thought was a sweater for Christmas, but turns out it’s a sleeping jacket. I love it. It’s soft, warm, has pockets for my tissues, shorter sleeves so they don’t get wet when washing dishes. All my old lady friends need one.



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