Do you have one of those friends that you visit with and immediately feel better? One that tells you what you already know, just gives you that gentle reminder. They leave and you feel happy, relieved and at peace. Well, I saw one of these people yesterday. Just what I needed. 😊

I had big plans of wrapping everything up tonight. Dallas and Killian are at friends houses, Peter has hockey. I was ready to sip on eggnog (some amazing eggnog my super strong, knitting, kind, funny friend Cait made) and relax wrapping with no worries of being busted, but alas, Seamus took a power nap and will probably be up all night.


We went to La Sellette last night. It was nice. Boys enjoyed it too.


This little guy is 4 months old this week. 4 MONTHS?! I can’t believe it! I kinda hope I lose this feeling of wanting another baby once he starts being mobile. See, Peter would love more babes too so it’s not like I have anyone saying “NO WAY”. It’s more like “how about we start trying today?” πŸ˜‰

Christmas card from my favorite trash service.


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