Tic tock

Days are flying by at light speed! Parties and get togethers, gifts to buy, sick kiddos, football banquets, doctor appointments and keeping up with the regular gym schedule as best we can is tough these days!

My main squeezes. Killian has been making me laugh so much lately. He found a shower cap the other day (I bought when we had the big lice outbreak) and he was so enthralled by it. Wore it in the shower and everything and then turned it into a chef hat and had us all laughing. I wish I got a picture.

The boys individual pictures we had taken at the mini session. Yup, all mine!

A few pictures from Patti’s fantastic little ones Christmas party. Don’t know how she does it, but she does. Every. Time.

My brother and sister-in-law took the boys to see my mom. She was so happy (this is her happy face). Unfortunately, these days she is also partially toothless. Sadly, someone threw her teeth away by mistake and there’s no sense in putting her through the misery of trying to get new ones. Poor thing.

Attempted little banana breads for the teachers the other night. I’ve never used these little things so clearlyI overfilled them. #fail. I did still give them to teachers though and explained that, although quite ugly in the outside, they will be delicious. Cross my heart.

Made this little gem tonight. Well, I hope it’s a gem. Christmas sangria. Can’t wait to dent it tomorrow night.


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