S L A C K I N G. I haven’t been good about blogging and I know your all just on the edge of your seats waiting for me to catch you up. Lol. Is there anyone even out there? So I’ll just catch you up while Dallas and I sit here and he watches #Undrafted.

SO, Seamus is super concerned about Elf on the Shelf. He saw Patti’s all taped up by some army guys and Batman and is now freaking that his toys come alive at night. No worries though, Brody locked these guys up in a mason jar with the cover on very right and took them to Nannies, never to return. 😁

Killian came home from school bummed because they are on the gymnastics unit in gym (Peter and I think this is awesome) and next week he has to show a skill to the class and proceeded to stand on his head in the kitchen for 44 seconds. BOOM!

…and again in the living room when Peter got home.

This boy’s intensity is over the top 24/7 which is usually manageable when it’s summer or spring or fall or when he’s playing football or baseball. It is NOT manageable when it’s dark early and it’s raining buckets and we’re stuck inside. It’s very difficult.

August had a big day today. He rolled over (bittersweet…my babe is getting so big) and he heard the rain. I was nursing him after food shopping (the bonus of going to MB in the pouring rain..the store was empty. Woot!) and he would just stop and look out the window. It was so sweet. I can’t handle him.



3 thoughts on “SLACKING

  1. I feel Like I’ve been slacking on writing my blog as well. I spent a good part of last Tuesday ignoring my youngest (insert guilty face here) and trying to get my thoughts down – but didn’t have time to formulate it into a he’s of entry, and there it still sits while the crazy of the holidays takes precedence!
    Earlier this week I chose to give myself some leeway as I’m sure everybody is experiencing something similar in whatever areas are important to them (but not essential) during this busy time. 😊

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