Scribblenauts. What? Spell it for me

Any of your kids ever had Scibblenauts on their iPad? Well, mine do and it’s Seamus who barely just learned his letters (he’s catching up fast now…he’s all in and committed to his ABC’s). Anyways, this version of the game allows you to type in words and then a picture of what you typed will pop up. What seems like HOURS UPON HOURS of me spelling words over and over and repeating the letters over and over. Yeah, sounds like a great game gets him to spell and go over the letters again and again. After a bit it’s so annoying I want to strangle someone…”zombie, z-o-m-b-I-e, state trooper, s-t-a-t-e-space-t-r-o-o-p-e-r” “what comes after s? Does an r have a hook?” How do you spell gun, police car, police helicopter, police jeep, cleaner, cement truck, shirt, pants, boots, bazooka!? Oh wait I just erased all of it. Can we start again? How do you spell state trooper, snowman, UFO, alien, boat, fish, aquarium?” Oi vay it’s unbelievable!

Went to winter lights tree lighting last night. It was actually…enjoyable! It wasn’t too cold, kids were great (big 2 were at baseball. I just had the littles). Loved it.

My brother and sister and sister-in-law ran. Bummed I couldn’t. I hope to next year with Dallas and Killian.

Seamus saw this ambulance and freaked! He wanted his picture taken with it.

This boy. Adores his baby brother like nothing I’ve ever seen. His heart Is bigger than you could imagine. Always wants to help. Love that.


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