Ran to the gym and did a great workout with my peeps. Had a mimosa, got coffee and Peter dropped me off at home. He then took the boys to THE football game (North vs. South). I can’t wait till I get to go watch my boys take part in this tradition.

We had our Thanksgiving Feast at Kristen and Nate’s and had an awesome afternoon hanging out together (which we don’t do enough…or I don’t get invited to because I have too many kids lol).


Killian made a special dessert with his Nana on Wednesday that he served up after dinner to a few of us.


I’m going to try my best to take more pictures of my brothers and sister and I. There aren’t many pictures of all of us together. My brother Peter is missing from this photo (as obviously are my 2 brothers who are no longer with us, I come from a family of 6 six kids), but here Peter and I were together at the Veterans Day parade:

Life can be so easy and simple if we let it. Unfortunately, most of us get worried about things we shouldn’t worry about (worrying doesn’t change anything about the situation) and/or caught up in shit that really doesn’t matter. We make it all complicated, and in my opinion, too deep sometimes. People, we are only here a short time. Just try and live. 😊

Now on to CHRISTMAS!! 🎄🎅


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