Holidays Are Fast Approaching!

Day 22: Wonderful days FULL of family and friends. Gym, Thanksgiving Day parade, family and friends in and out, visit from a wonderful friend I don’t get to see enough, dinner with amazing people. Couldn’t be a much better day. Just couldn’t. (Sunday ended up the same. Friends, tons of boys all over the place. Loved it).


Day 23: Killian Fenway. This boy is INTENSE. He goes, goes, goes 24/7. He challenges me the most, but also has the most amazing heart. He’s super, super funny (which could definitely get him into trouble when he’s older). We probably butt heads so much because we are so similar. Both worriers, nervous nellies, better at writing than math….lol, get embarrassed easily. I try super hard not to get frustrated with him. He’s in the middle…not quite the oldest and not the youngest. I’m sure it’s hard in a house FULL of testosterone. I also get so many compliments from people about his kindness, politeness, great listening skills (say what?!). I’m just glad I can try and start over everyday. I’ve tried a no yelling campaign before and failed. Every. Damn. Time. By like 8 am. One day I will do it!

His Christmas letter to Santa: waterbed (do they even make those anymore?), have his name announced at a Patriots game at half time (what the?), a pet (going on year 6 of asking for a pet. I thought the chickens were enough).

On another note:
As part of my intention to stop being a lazy ass, I have been trying to hit the gym 4-5 times a week. I went today and did the following:

2 minutes of back squats @ 115#
2 minutes of burpee pull-ups
2 minutes rest
Do this set 3 times.

It was hard. My legs will be sore tomorrow.


One thought on “Holidays Are Fast Approaching!

  1. Julie Hannon says:

    And since I replied about Dallas, I must write about Killian too (gotta keep it fair, right?). Killian is also a great friend. Michael can’t get enough of him. He’s strong too…always throwing Michael over his shoulder:)

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