Catching Up on Gratitude :)

Ughhh this week is a befuddled mess! My whole schedule thrown off schedule because it’s National Education Week so we’ve been invited into the kids classrooms this week. Monday and Thursday for Seamus, Monday for Dallas and Thursday for Killian. I also finally scheduled a time for NSTAR to come out and check the gas pipes that run into my house. They send me all these letters blah blah blah. It takes like less than 5 minutes for them to check what they need to and they give me a FOUR HOUR WINDOW! Craziness! My food shopping and workout schedule is all a mess. I keep telling myself to embrace the change. I did just say yesterday that change is good and necessary.

Day 19: Thank the good Lord for our Dallas Truman. He is kind, considerate, loving, cares about everyone and their feelings. Knows the words to every song, can dance, is a mean football player, tries his butt off in baseball, is amazing at math, not so much at reading (but that’s ok), loves his momma and daddy and baby brothers (most of the time…in between punches).

Day 20 (I’m so behind!): my mother-in-law. She’s loved me since the day she met me. She taught me to cook (she’s amazing. Would definitely win Chopped or Beat Bobby Flay. Also never got mad at me when I would call her no less than 500 times when I was making something. My first Thanksgiving we literally mapped out step by step and I still called her!), sew (I can’t really remember now), what a big deal Christmas was like (mines alway been low key) and many other essential life things. 😊

Day 21: This here blog. I can write out my frustrations, happiness, sadness…gratitude. It’s a stress reliever. I am so, so happy when I get nice little texts or messages from people who read it and have something to share. It makes me happy.

Oh, oh! Very eternally grateful for my sweet friend Eva who I mentioned writing a blog to. Next thing you know…she texted me. “It’s all set up! Ready to go…now get after it!” LOVE her!!

Seamus is learning UNO at school so wants to play. Love these little things Santa brought to hold little people’s cards for them.



One thought on “Catching Up on Gratitude :)

  1. Julie Hannon says:

    I showed Ryan the part of your blog about Dallas and to show him the picture. He said to add that Dallas is hilarious. Dallas is a great friend too!!

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