Change is Hard, Sleep is Easy

Day 17: Change. Change is scary, but so good for us. Change happens all the time in every area of life and, although can cause some worry, usually it ends up working itself out and being better off for us in the end. We got a new principal at Cold Spring and were, of course, worried about how she would be with our little school (which I am also so thankful for…it’s such a little school so as parents it’s nice to know all your kids peers parents and the teachers), but so far so good! She’s so open and excited to do new fun things for the children. Our PTA has also had some change in leadership, but along with that, a huge increase in attendance to meetings, volunteers and awesome stuff lined up for our little neighborhood school! Love that.

Day 18: Sleep. I love it. I love to get in my bed and finally relax at the end of the day. Also love when my boys are asleep, it’s the ONLY time my house is quiet.


So I went for a hellacious run yesterday with my baby man. He slept the whole time. When I pulled in the driveway and peeked in the carriage this is what I saw. BEST way to end a crappy run.



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