Thankful for Jingle Bells, Crockpots and Grit!

Day 15: The day radio stations start playing Christmas music 24/7. I can drive around listening to happy music and drown out the boys in the back fighting and picking at each other…constantly.

Day 16: Crockpot. Seriously, has been my savior many days! Only problem is planning for it. Kinda gotta have an idea what you are going to throw in it to make sure you have the ingredients you need. I throw everything in there. I’ve even been putting my sweet potatoes or acorn squash in about 2 in the afternoon and they are done by dinner. I don’t have to remember to start them way before I cook dinner to make sure they are done along with the rest of my meal. Too many times we have either had to wait for the sweet potatoes to cook or eat them after the meal.

I *think* I’m done being lazy at the gym. I need to put forth more effort and try a little harder. I want to run the St. Patricks Day Half Marathon in March so I ran to the gym today, 2 miles, only stopped once to tie my sneaker (even though my head was screaming “Stop! Stop! Walk! You can’t breathe! Just for a minute!”). Today I was able to push through and get there in about 18 minutes. After that I did the following:


My coaches at the gym today were Peter and August. ☺️


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