Thankful For Health & Freedom

Day 10: CaCaCaCrossfit. Yeah, yeah, roll your eyes I know. When I started I was a non exercising, never played a sport gal. I did it because I was REALLY sick of my husband talking about wods, lifts, pr’s, new friends he had made…blah, blah, blah. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try. So happy I did.

Now it’s been hard getting back into it. I really don’t want to go work out, but my husband makes me…knows how good it is for me overall (mind, body and spirit). I’ll be able to lift heavy one day again and run more than a mile without stopping (I hope).

Day 11: Veterans. Need I say more? Those people that protect our country, freedom, families, democracy, way of life. Amazing, brave, selfless. Thank you!


ALL these boys and the only parents that got them there were Patti and I (minus Danny and Milo-they came with their parents). How in the world?

My oldest brother Peter and I and, of course, Auggie Doggie. ❤️


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