Two For One

Day 8: Thankful for….Cheesy, cheesy Christmas movies! Hallmark every night and on the weekends. I love it! For some reason, these goofy movies can change my mood in an instant. I love Christmas especially now when you can think about it from a distance and not really have to deal with it yet. Ha!

Day 9: Very thankful for mi familia. It’s a little odd (as everyone’s family is I
guess). I have 4 brothers and 1 sister all of which are older than me. Many nieces and nephews that I grew up with as cousins rather than being their much older auntie. We (my nieces, nephews and I) are roughly the same age give it take a few years (yes, one niece older than me. Can you imagine that conversation? Glad I was in utero. Lol. No, seriously). Anyways, my family rocks. Very laid back, very easy, very understanding, fun, supportive, helpful, loving, accepting, caring…the list goes on. All created by an amazing man and his pain in the butt wife who, he adored, until his last breath. ❤️


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