Auggie Doggie (day 5)





He’s SO easy. He has been going to long football practices and spending all day (8+ hours) on Sundays at a football field since he was born. He only cries if he’s hungry, tired, gassy or has a dirty diaper. He is the most easy going baby I have ever had the pleasure of meeting…and he’s mine! He’s so sweet and cuddly and perfect! Totally in love…again!

Took him to the school today with Seamus to work the book fair 11-2 (last picture is him at the school). Figured I’d maybe last until 1 and I’d leave stressed and frustrated, BUT the boys were angels! August sat in his seat and looked around, watched the kids, laughed and cooed and took a couple naps here and there. Sleep schedule? Not with 4 busy boys! Seamus played, looked at books and helped me check people out. It was a great experience. I left happy. We had baseball after that from 5:30-6:30 where he just hung out with Laura Lee and cuddled. I can take him anywhere. Love that.


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