Hard Fought WIN! (This is yesterday’s thanks…I’m already running behind on day 3)

Big win for the D team tonight! With all the rain this weekend their game yesterday was canceled so they got to play at North under the lights tonight. Holy crap…so much excitement for these boys! From what Dallas tells me it was a tough game…the other team played pretty dirty. He had a tough time handling that so I feel like it may have taken away from the excitement of the win for him, but they move on and that other team doesn’t. Boom. So, today, I am thankful for Dallas’ football family and coaches. They have taught him how to play the game fair, still tough, but smart. Taught him about earning his position and playing time through hard work. About friendship, respect, effort, attitude and discipline. Even though he’s only 10, football (and baseball) have played a part in shaping the boy Dallas is, that we are so proud of. He’s a wonder 🙂 #20




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