Cabin Fever Already?!

Good Lord this was a tough weekend. Killian’s game Saturday morning in the pouring rain (was a win to wrap up an incredible season, but it was so bad I had to spend most of the game in the car with August, Seamus and Maggie. I was out of the car long enough to see 2 of Killian’s touchdowns in the 3rd quarter) then spent the rest if the weekend trapped in the house with all these crazy boys that all talk nonstop and can’t stop moving. Ever. It’s difficult for me to keep my cool and not be screaming like a psycho every second. Killian, poor Killian, is in trouble constantly. What the f@ck am I going to do all winter?

Today I am thankful for ah….hmmmm. My home. It may be little and tough to have 4 boys in when the weather is bad, but I do love it and am thankful for it.


My rockin niece ran the NYC marathon today in a mere 3:34:35. She ran frickin 8 minute miles like the whole time. It’s amazing. I kept an 8 minute pace for the first 8 miles of my half marathon then slowed significantly. I digress, she was just asked to join a team to run maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago. She obviously had been running a lot and far, but to be mentally and physically ready in such a short time? It blows my mind. She’s also an amazing mom of 3 girls. She has no car so schleps them all over the city to school and activities by subway in all sorts of weather (rain and snow or weather like today doesn’t mean she can stay home). She cooks amazing food and cookies from scratch (to die for) and is super involved in her girls classrooms. She’s a wonder and I love her to bits.



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