Halloween Problems


Sweet little man is 2 months old. He weighs a whopping 13.9 pounds and is
25″ tall. He was sooooo good at his appointment. Usually, he cries when he’s naked, but not yesterday. He smiled and cooed…must’ve been trying to woo Dr. Johnston or the nurses to avoid shots. Didn’t work, but then he barely even cried for shots, just kind of whimpered a bit. Poor babe.

I hate to reveal his Halloween costume so early, but I can’t help it.

This rain is so nice while the kids are in school, but once they get home…forget it. I bought Killian a pumpkin so he could paint it for the Poems & Pumpkins contest at school. He loves carving pumpkins so I thought he’d love to paint one and it would give him something to do. Done and done. Ahhh, no. He was upset everytime something didn’t come out as he expected and had a total breakdown at one point. It was awful for a while, until Dad came home and fixed it all as usual. I think it came out good. Who’s not scared of clowns?

My sister stopped by Wednesday and made Seamus a big bowl of “blood”. She also gave him a bunch of stuff to play the part of EMT for Halloween. He’s been playing with it ever since. He’s so funny. He even cleans up when he spills or whatever so I won’t get upset and throw his “blood” away.

Peter brought this home for me yesterday..goes along with me trying to find balance. Lucky for all of us, everyday is new and we can start over.


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