Mommy’s Balancing Act

Boom sauce!

Yesterday was Patti’s annual Halloween party for the littles. This was my designated snack. Patti finds these on Pinterest then sends them out. Anything for Patti. We were talking yesterday about how this will be Seamus’ last holiday get together :(. We were also talking about how in the years to come it will be the three of us (me, Kerin and Patti) taking August on our annual Bog Hollow trip. You think I’m kidding…these girls love Auggie almost as much as me.

I’m having some trouble with this lately. I feel unbalanced. It’s so hard to stay on the level. For example, I could do house chores everyday, all day. Constantly cleaning and organizing trying like hell to get my house to the way I want it. Sometimes, I have to catch myself and remember to stop and take Seamus out to play with friends or scoot over to Nook road with friends after school to hit some baseballs or sit down for 10 minutes and snuggle my little nugget and enjoy his smiles and baby talk or have coffee with a friend I haven’t seen in a bit. Same goes with food, friendships, family….gotta find the balance that works for you which, sometimes, can mean making hard choices, but will be better off for you in the end. Sucks, but #truth.

This little man had his 2 month appt. stay tuned for details and pictures. I know you’re all dying to know his height and weight.


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