Take It Or a Leave It

“Hi. My name is Dallas Murphy and I am a wide receiver”. So cute I can’t stand it.

Carved pumpkins on Saturday and this boy was soooo into it. Carving pumpkins in his practice clothes from football. Told him to change…”ain’t got no time for dat”. He carved his own then finished up everyone else’s or added to them. He’s pretty special.


Big pink weekend for football this weekend. Kids get so into this it’s awesome! Also, boys played their game for the “sister” on their team, who had to have unexpected brain surgery this past week and won’t be able to finish out the season. She’s tough as nails and was at the game today on the sidelines with her boys and all the moms crying on the sidelines…GO #42!

So, I have a bunch of these funny things on my phone that I would love to occasionally post, but you know how Facebook is…someone I met once 3 years ago will think it’s directed at them (I am that person too) lol so I’ll share them here. It’s my safe zone.

Right?! It is good advice. Carry on.


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