Weeks Are Flying By

I can’t believe how fast the weeks have flown by since August was born. Every time I even think about what day it is it’s already Thursday! I can’t believe it. When Dallas was born everyday dragged. I cried until my sister came over on her lunch break to hold him for an hour then I watched the clock until Peter got home. NOW, it’s noon before I know it and I have a million things to do between 12 and 3:15 when I leave I go get the kids. Throw trying to plan dinner in there, a perfect baby that does need occasional attention and a 5 year old that I adore, but also drives me batty (all he talked about today, for example, about what he’s wearing to football practice tomorrow and he wanted me to call Brody and give him the line up) and I’m doomed. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Like yesterday, it took Kenda and I an hour to figure out if it was a recycling day. Lombards comes every other week and it seemed like just last week we were talking about how late they had come that day THEN came to realize that was 2 weeks ago. How’d that happen?

Went to the gym yesterday. We did a partner workout: 450 reps of double unders and sit ups split between us. One person works at a time and when one person is working the other holds a 53# kettle bell (35# in my case). I think it took us around 26:56. Sit ups were SO hard for me! Needless to say, I am sore today.

Moving on to day 5 of eating clean. I had a cheat at dinner yesterday. We went to Kkaties and I had a beer and a salad that had blue cheese on it. Otherwise, I’ve been good and compared to what I was eating…I’m in good shape. I’m not even miserable like I would expect to be at this point. My body must be thanking me.

Took some of my besties to get pumpkins this afternoon.


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