Killian is 9!

I woke up at 7:18 Friday which is faaar to late for me to get it all together, get 3 kids to school and get straight to Market Basket. Mr. August wasn’t ready to get up so I popped him in bed with Dallas who was working on his reading. I love the way Auggie Doggie is looking at him.

Oh boy…Kerin had this little gem made for August by Knits McFadden. So perfect. Yes, it’s a barbell. Never goes out of style. 🙂

Yesterday was our Killian’s birthday. For once, I actually had his party planned for his birthday and was ready to go. Big two hand touch football game planned for after practice. Hot dogs, chips, juice boxes for lunch…cake I got at Hannaford’s, ice cream, goody bags, decorations…check, check and double check. Then the friggin rain came rolling in and I had to cancel. This was exceptionally bad…Killian was very disappointed. I love him fiercely, but he’s never happy. This didn’t help, but I guess I don’t blame him. He still had practice so I brought his cake and ice cream and his buddies celebrated with him after practice then Peter took he and Drew to lunch and to Dave & Busters. He still came home squaking about a bike and this and that. Ingrate.

New kickball courtesy of Lala and Donna. Cheesecake (best in the land) and glasses courtesy of Nate, Kristen and Shay. Seahawks jersey courtesy of the Clements.

Killian hates when people sing happy bday (so he says) so he acted like a conductor when his team sang to him. I think he secretly loved every minute of it and maybe smiled once or twice.

Football all day Sunday as usual. Started off in Attelboro with the D team. They won and so moved into 1st place. Stellar work boys! Then on to Brockton to watch our Mighty Mites play and win! Their record is now 6-0. At least these long days of football usually end up with wins and happy kids so that makes it much easier!


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